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Embark on a lifelong journey of vibrant health. Celebrate a life where your body is no longer an obstacle, but your most valuable instrument to deep fulfillment, vitality and happiness.

How? We have everything you need.

Looking for the best vegan raw food recipes that also taste amazing? Fall In Love With Food Again™ to satisfy every mood of your palate—from super-energizing kale green juices, thirst-quenching strawberry smoothies, sweet & crunchy granola bars, truffles and raw nachos bathing in cheese dip... to belly-filling black bean burgers, vegetarian pizzas, crispy mango salads and easy plant-based dinners like the classic eggplant parmesan and veggie chili (topped with cashew sour cream)! Want more heavenly recipes? The list goes on.

Fall In Love With Food Again

Fall In Love With Food Again™ celebrates the sensational first bite into a hearty veggie chili, the nostalgic aromas of sizzling vegetables wafting from the kitchen and the perfectly delectable crunchy sweetness of a vividly bright carrot cake. And the best part? Food can be prepared in a way that's not only addictingly delicious but so it also becomes your most powerful healing tool, your biggest ally for vibrant health.

As Hippocrates once famously uttered, "Let food be thy medicine." Food cannot be your medicine unless it's kept in its purest form. When you treat food well with our easy, raw vegan recipes, food will treat you well right back by giving you more energy, protecting you from disease, taking you back to your happy weight and so much more.

But we've all been there. We've eaten vegan desserts or raw celery sticks that simply did not satiate our stomachs nor our taste buds. We're here to change that. We believe in catering to our sweet tooth with an ultra-smooth sugar-free cheesecake, indulging in the milkiest, creamiest gluten-free gravy and rubbing our bellies with content fullness after an ooey-gooey vegetarian pizza. To have all of that all while nourishing, healing and revitalizing our bodies is one of the greatest gifts we have!

Fall In Love With Food Again™ has wowed even the most discriminating eaters, meat eaters and cooking novices with some of our most popular healthy vegan recipes, such as a plant-based BLT sandwich made with Portobello mushrooms and a heavenly raw key lime pie. This is just a snapshot. From refreshing beverages to a simple, healthy snack to help with weight loss or a fast, gluten-free vegan dinner, we also have ultra-detoxifying cleansing juices (a must-have for optimum health!), thirst-quenching smoothies, rainbow-bright salads, crispy, warm pies, cool, velvety ice creams and protein-rich black bean burgers - you name it! And our foodie chefs continue to create new health-boosting dishes every day.

Fall In Love With Food Again

Will you dare to Fall In Love With Food Again? Whether you've just discovered the world of raw, plant-based foods or consider yourself a seasoned pro, we invite you to join us for a simple, enjoyable and exciting way to discover tasty and truly healthy food! Sign up today to get your free recipes... and get ready to feel lighter, clearer and happier!

Fall In Love With Food Again

About Hallelujah Diet™

There’s been no doubt. The Hallelujah Diet™ is the most effective and sustainable way to lose weight, age gracefully, boost your immune system, guard against disease, heighten your energy, maintain balanced blood sugar levels and drastically improve overall health & well-being.

With over two decades of health experience and a stalwart team of educators and medical researchers, the Hallelujah Diet™ is a lifestyle founded on a comprehensive and preventative system that enables you to take control of your health by activating your body’s innate self-healing powers. We know that everyone comes from a different stage in life, which is why we created three highly accessible springboards to help you jumpstart your path to true wellness:

  • Boost Health – Revitalize your body by making small changes for a huge impact.
  • Live Healthy – Transform your body inside and out with a full cleanse and complete detox.
  • Restore Health – Fight disease through diet, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Through these three pathways, we have grown our passionate community and have helped scores of people discover new found vitality, guilt-free, delicious eating and even reversal of the most stubborn, life-threatening illnesses.

The Biggest Roadblock to Great Health
The typical Standard American Diet filled with processed, refined and unhealthy foods manifests itself as chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system, sickness and grave health issues including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Above all, the root cause behind disease, one that is consistent among us all—is the debilitating combination of nutritional deficiency and toxicity.

Our Proven, Effective (& Delicious!) Solution
The solution, the Hallelujah Diet™ way, is to commit to eating raw, plant-based foods, flood your cells with pure nutrition through juicing and supplementation, rest plenty, stress less and move your body. Through these easy-to-implement changes, we have seen the miraculous transformation of our bodies' ability to reclaim its fascinating self-healing abilities.

But How? The Hassle-Free, Exciting Path to Lasting Health
Although a clean, healthy lifestyle may seem intimidating or time-consuming, we have made it simple, accessible and fun. With The Hallelujah Diet™, you’ll have instant access to engaging reads with applicable health tips, a compassionate community, plant-based meal plans with easy and scrumptious recipes, as well as convenient whole-food juice powders and superior-quality natural and organic supplements. These instruments to great health will nourish and detox your body, shield you from illnesses, encourage weight loss without any deprivation… and so much more.

With the Hallelujah Diet™, you will finally know what it means to feel exuberant, to look your best, to find mental clarity and to relish in the true joy of living inside a happy, healthy body.

You’ll have to see it to believe it! It doesn’t take long to notice life-changing results—a few days to a week is all it takes to notice significant change is realized as the body begins to thrive. The Hallelujah Diet™ can help anyone live a healthier, longer, more vibrant life. Don’t wait—join us today!

Allergy Free Products

OUR GUARANTEE: PURITY & PERFORMANCE YOU CAN TRUST Hallelujah Diet products are made from superior-quality and 100% pure ingredients that are USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, Kosher Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Contains Absolutely No Refined Sugars. We stand by our commitment and we stand by your health.