Are you ready to move from smoothies, blended salads and chocolate peanut butter pie to more gourmet fare? Does creating coconut kefir, raw yogurt, raw cheeses and sprouted crackers sound more interesting? Imagine a 5-course meal that has been created in raw food restaurants throughout the country—and you are making this at home!

In just 5 days you’ll learn the art of creating raw gourmet, vegan dishes that rival the delicacies found in luxury restaurants around the world. Professionally guided by a former restaurateur, a certified raw food chef, and vegan culinary experts, this intensive, hands-on course in food preparation will supply all the skills you need to create mouthwatering meals that fuel the body and feed the senses.

You already know how spectacular a raw food diet can be, but often family and friends aren’t as confident in trying anything that hasn’t been cooked. The colors, the flavors and the fragrance will soon make believers of the most ardent carnivore.

  • Learn ways to introduce raw gourmet vegan food into the family’s diet in ways they will most accept it.
  • Learn principles and skills to make any raw food dish with time and money saving ideas.
  • Learn the principles to making delicious nut milks, fermented foods, sprouting, cheeses, breads, chips, wraps, delectable desserts, salad dressings, marinated salads, nutmeats, juicing and many more delicious raw foods.
  • Learn how to substitute ingredients in recipes used by raw food chefs that are not raw or healthy.
  • Create delicious substitutes for foods you don’t want to give up!
  • Learn how to use kitchen tools efficiently with hands-on experience; what are the best tools, and inexpensive substitutes.
  • Learn how to entertain with ease using recipes that can be prepared ahead.
  • Learn how to convert some of your cooked recipes into raw recipes.
  • Learn how to shop, make a list, determine food ripeness, store and prevent food loss.

Armed with the knowledge and tools from this class, you can be in the forefront of a movement that is slowly changing the way the world sees food. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner chef and learn how to make every meal a masterpiece!


SAVE $100 if booked at least 30 days before start date: $1495

Tuition includes:

  • Bed & Breakfast style guest room with private bath (Price is based on double occupancy)
  • All Meals
  • Daily BarleyMax and carrot juice breaks
  • Hands- on, classroom experience making, creating, and plating raw, gourmet food
You’ll also take home a premium knife set, a chef’s apron, cultured food samples, a custom academy manual with awesome recipes and great tips, and (maybe) some left-overs!

Each class is limited to just 9 students, so you’re guaranteed personalized attention.


Student Testimonials:

The Praise From Previous Raw Gourmet Living students Says It All:

“The accommodations are excellent! The recipes and meals are all top notch.”

“I came for a learning experience and I certainly got that! To be able to show others how they can create foods to nourish their family makes me feel so good!”

“Thank you so much for a fabulous, fun, informative, motivating week of healthy cooking and fellowship. The instructors are excellent – the recipes, meals, teaching and instruction were better than ever expected.”

“Thanks so much for an unbelievable week! I will definitely use so many recipes to incorporate in my daily life as well as with family at social gatherings. The recipes are some of the best food I have ever eaten! Great hands on class! I learned so much and the accommodations are excellent! The best part of all is that the sweet presence of the Lord is in this place. We will be back!”