Where can you go where you will be with like-minded people, learn from the most knowledgeable subject matter experts, eat healthy food, and feel like you are in a retreat-like experience? Health Minister Training in Gastonia, North Carolina.

For over 20 years we have offered some of the best training available for people interested in learning more about health, nutrition, and ways to share this knowledge with friends and family. Several thousand trained health ministers are working around the world to try to teach people they don’t have to be sick.

At Health Minister Training LIVE, you can interact with the instructors in a classroom setting as well as with other students.

This training includes:
– Four days of intensive, interesting training of cutting edge nutrition and health information.
– A foundational nutrition class that will cover enzymes, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, calories, etc.
– What are the most dangerous foods you can eat?
– Appliance demonstrations of blenders, dehydrators, juicers, Tribest personal blender, Perfect Pickler, spiral veggie slicer, nut milk maker, mandolin, etc. Previous students have requested more time on learning how to use these tools and now it will be included.
– Recipe demonstrations
– Why are sugar substitutes so dangerous?
– What constitutes a superfood?
– What are the dangerous toxins lurking near you?
– Ways to remove and eliminate the most dangerous toxins from your body and your lifestyle.
– What are the most frequently asked questions people ask?
-What are the most common vitamins that most people are deficient in?
– All the above will be included along with an abundance of resource materials in an updated manual including cutting edge research and new information on how nutrition best supports the body.

In just four amazing days, Health Minister Training LIVE will teach you the science behind The Hallelujah Diet, its biblical foundation, new information on the negative effects of stress, and the importance of hydration, fitness, and attitude on your overall health. It starts at 8:30 every morning and will be over by 5:00 pm so you can rest well and be ready for another information-packed day. The final day will culminate in a graduation ceremony with Paul and Ann Malkmus and you will be on your way by 4:00pm.

For those unable to travel to Hallelujah Acres for Health Minister Training LIVE, you may be interested in taking the Health Minister Training Online. Hundreds of people from across America and around the world have taken advantage of earning their Health Minister certification online. It is offered the second Tuesday of each month and is a six-week class.
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There are three opportunities this year to take the Health Minister Training LIVE to become a certified Health Minister:
June 24-27
July 22-25
Oct. 21-24

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