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I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

At the time, I didn't consider myself to have many health problems (quite delusional I might add), but I knew that if I didn't do this diet with Dave it wouldn't be successful, as I was the one preparing our family's meals. I did not want to loose my husband to disease and was willing to do anything to help him. With my Lord at my side I began to consume knowledge to understand how to do this thing, how to feed my family, how to renew my mind.

Submitted By: Anonymous
But all of these complaints are now history! I'm a new man.

But all of these complaints are now history! I'm a new man. No more complaints of any kind--it is wonderful! I have not enough words of appreciation to express my gratitude to God and especially to you, George. Your books and tapes, together with your weekly Health Tips, are my best inspirations. But they are not only helping me, but many others. About 25 people have joined the Hallelujah Diet here, facing many different sicknesses, as bad as one person with three different types of cancer. Many of them have become new persons with the results that you already know. Your work is so exciting because it embraces the message of God from the beginning of the creation. It is truth, and truth always means victory, victory against the powers of evil.

Submitted By: Anonymous
The sad thing is that the Christian community is the most reluctant to try God's Diet.

Thanks for your courage, persistence, and obedience to our Lord!

Submitted By: Anonymous
My allergies are gone! I no longer have severe headaches! And I have more energy than I have had in years!

In November 2004, we attended Health Ministry training at Hallelujah Acres, where we both received our certificates as Health Ministers. As of this writing, my health has been restored and I have been able to stop all medications! My allergies are gone! I no longer have severe headaches! And I have more energy than I have had in years! I have been released by my hematologist/oncologist, and my depression is gone! I failed to mention that I have had three skin cancers removed from my face and have had many pre-cancers frozen off with liquid nitrogen. In early summer 2004, my dermatologist started me on Efudex, chemotherapy in cream form that I used all over my face and head. This was to be a lifetime sentence, and I was told to stay out of the sun. After starting the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle, I spent many days in the sun while boating, water skiing, walking, hiking, etc. . ., and yet in September 2004, my dermatologist released me! In addition to all this, I have lost 28 pounds (going from 190 to 162) and my wife has lost 25 pounds.

Submitted By: Alvin A.
With God's help and strength, I managed to kick my 30 plus year addiction to coffee and sugar, which was the hardest thing I had to do.

After being on your diet 4 months, have lost 25 pounds and 6 dress sizes, feel great and have more energy than ever before. I have no more symptoms of prior ailments. Love to read your Health Tips, testimonies, and recipes. Thank you both for your dedication and commitment, and I hope to get to see you while you are speaking in Florida in January.

Submitted By: Anonymous
The message confirmed my long journey and when I finally cut out meat, found a good naturopath and chiropractor, and ate more raw and added Barleyjuice and carrot juice, I was finally on the road to full recovery and all the ailments were eliminated!

They were chronic fatigue, aching joints, acne, headaches, depression, volatile emotions, stage III Candida, immune dysfunction, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, severe food allergies, skin rashes, chemical sensitivity, weight gain, dry brittle hair, dry skin and liver spots.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen! God bless you, Dr. Malkmus, for listening to the truth that God spoke to your heart, and then stepping out in faith to carry out the vision of Hallelujah Acres ministry.

Submitted By: Rebekah
sleeping better and have more energy.

I have lost 20 pounds, energy level is improved, as is high blood pressure.

Submitted By: Joseph
I introduced The Hallelujah Diet to several of my family members.

My mother, after just 3- months on the diet, was able to put away her diabetic and high blood pressure medicines. She has remained strictly on the diet, has her sugar and blood pressure readings weekly, and they remain normal. My elder sister has been on The Hallelujah Diet for the past 5-months and no longer needs her Thyroxine medication, which the doctor had prescribed. I praise God for not only these results, but also for the many other testimonies people have experienced here in Nairobi after they adopted The Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Jocelyn W, K. of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
'Tell me everything you are doing, because these tests are amazing!

At this writing, I am only 4-months (120-days) into The Hallelujah Diet. I had blood work done just before going on The Hallelujah Diet, and then just recently had my blood taken again. The results were so amazing that my doctor sat me down and said, 'Tell me everything you are doing, because these tests are amazing!' Here's why he found my blood tests so amazing: cholesterol number had dropped 25 points with equally dramatic results in the subtests; the glucose number had dropped to better than normal range; I had lost 27 pounds; I no longer needed thyroid medication because my thyroid had returned to normal function; joint pain has greatly diminished with amazingly quick recovery time when I overuse my back; I have thrown away my acid reflux and constipation products, because I don't need them anymore; my skin, hair and nails have been restored; I sleep better and my emotional woes are gone! I no longer crave the foods that were killing me! I feel full of energy and can't stop smiling! And to think that all of these physical improvements occurred after only 120 days on The Hallelujah Diet!

Submitted By: Kathleen