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has had relief from bursitis, leg cramps, aching feet and joints, and tendency to get pneumonia,

My husband joined me on the diet soon after I started and has had relief from bursitis, leg cramps, aching feet and joints, and tendency to get pneumonia, all things he had previously attributed to aging but now knows where diet related. We are previously both in our late 40's and feel better than we have in many years. In fact, he jumped over a 6 foot stile the other day, landed on both feet, and felt no pain. Said he felt better than he did in his twenties!

Submitted By: Sharon M.
The message confirmed my long journey and when I finally cut out meat, found a good naturopath and chiropractor, and ate more raw and added Barleyjuice and carrot juice, I was finally on the road to full recovery and all the ailments were eliminated!

They were chronic fatigue, aching joints, acne, headaches, depression, volatile emotions, stage III Candida, immune dysfunction, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, severe food allergies, skin rashes, chemical sensitivity, weight gain, dry brittle hair, dry skin and liver spots.

Submitted By: Anonymous

My mother, who is in her 70's and had been on medication for diabetes for 30 years, was taken off the medication by her physician after adding carrot juice and Barley Max to her diet and reducing her meat intake. Thank you so much for being faithful to present the message of the good news about nutrition's benefits to our marvelous, self-healing, Creator-designed bodies.

Submitted By: Sharon M.
I thank you so much and I am looking forward to seeing you next month.

So far, in just the first two weeks on the diet, I have lost 19 pounds and my energy has picked up tremendously. I have systemic lupus and am not having as many recurring episodes. My hair is starting to come back and I am amazed that in this short period of time how well my body is responding to this new diet and how much better I feel.

Submitted By: Missy of Rock Hill, SC
I began The Hallelujah Diet� on February 9, 2009

I began The Hallelujah Diet� on February 9, 2009, less than three months ago, weighing 209 pounds, after an awful bout with the flu. 

Submitted By: Bobbie M. of King George, VA

I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for 9 months. My personal thanks to you, Dr. Malkmus, for hanging in there when everyone else was not too encouraging in years past.

Submitted By: Judith K.
My doctors are amazed - at a loss for words

The lupus, according to my last set of labs was undetectable, and the seizures are totally gone. My doctor's tapered me off all my meds in October 2003, and I have been doing great!

Submitted By: Tahlia
Isn't it interesting and sweet how God works?

Now, he is drinking at least a quart a day. I get carrots from Canada at our local market. They are huge and loose in a 50 lb. bag. Anyway, he went to his doctor yesterday, who specializes in this particular problem and he was simply stunned by the big improvement in my husband's health, and he told him to keep doing what he is doing. My husband is now able to eat and continues to drink the carrot juice I make him. Isn't it interesting and sweet how God works?

Submitted By: Anonymous
It has been 5 months, and I can honestly say that I feel terrific with an energy level that I haven't felt for 20+ years!

But it is interesting; I don't always follow the diet 100%. On occasion I "cheat", sometimes just a little, which will bring on a few symptoms. Last September during a particularly stressful time, I cheated a lot. I went off of the diet for 4 days. I had a night of symptoms that brought back bad memories of what I was going through only a few months earlier, and it actually scared me. I felt at that point that God was showing me that if I wanted to stay well, I needed to stay on the diet.Lupus is a very nasty, scary disease, and if you, or someone you know has lupus, get them on this diet! It could save their life!

Submitted By: Marla A.
Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for 'hitting the nail on the head

Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for 'hitting the nail on the head.' The Standard American Diet is responsible for the people of this nation having the extreme desire for Universal Health Care! Sadly we have too few thinking/informed persons realizing the consequences of such action. 

Submitted By: Larry Jones of Unionville, MO