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After hearing Dr. Malkmus speak, I immediately went on The Hallelujah Diet and saw my PSA drop from 6.9 to 3.3 in just 2 months, and now iIfeel no more symptoms of prostate cancer at all. I have lost a total of 55 pounds since making the diet change and seen my cholesterol drop from 240 TO 178.

Roy wants to attend Health Minister training because: "I feel that God guided me to this Hallelujah Diet and used it to heal me! Now, it is my time to give back to others in need. In order to do this, I need to have the right training, and that is why I am applying for Health Minister training."

Submitted By: Roy P. of Lubbock, TX

I am looking forward and trusting God to make a way for me to be trained as a Hallelujah Diet Health Minister. Thank you, thank you George and Rhonda for doing what you do and how you have laid down your lives for this ministry! I am eternally grateful to have learned to eat God's way and for the wonderful benefits that come with doing that.

Submitted By: Anonymous
My doctor says he has never seen anything like it

When I started your diet on April 4, my blood sugar went from 230 to 90 in 24 hours and the second day I was able to stop all pills and have been fine since. My doctor says he has never seen anything like it before and my cardiologist has removed three medications. Absolutely amazing! We have a wonderful God! I am already wearing clothes that I could not [previously] get into and feeling better each day. By the way, not only am I on the Hallelujah Diet, but my wife, daughter and son-in-law are as well. They are all doing well also.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I thank you for giving us the outline from the word of God.

Continue sharing with others so that they too can be healed. I have lost over 30 pounds. What an added treat for me. My only problem now is that I have no clothes to wear. I am now in a size 12. I think this is my natural body weight. My 90 days were up on November 15, 2002. I am going to continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done!

Submitted By: Fannie H.
My IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is gone! My headaches are gone! My Grand Mall seizures are gone!

P.S. I just want to add that my baby son got married on May 26, 2007. It was a beautiful wedding in our back yard attended by 160 people. I had a houseful of people for a week and we went many places together and I had all the energy anyone could ever ask for during the entire time. I thank God every day for guiding me to Hallelujah Diet and for teaching me the right way to eat. I want to thank you George and Rhonda and all those at Hallelujah Diet so very, very much for all you do to help others.

Submitted By: Gillet Joiner of Cape Fair, MO
It has now been over 10 months since adopting The Hallelujah Diet and I have lost 40 pounds, seen my total cholesterol drop over 50 points, and I have much more energy than I had before the diet change.

Thank you for your support through your weekly Health Tips, magazine, testimonies, and delicious recipes.

P.S. I just had an elective hernia repair surgery this morning and the operating room nurses were quite amazed at how quickly I came out of the general anesthesia and how quickly my bladder started to function all by itself after the surgery.

Submitted By: David
Thanks again, and praise be to Yahweh and His plan for mankind!

I also have my wife on the diet and she has overcome hip problems and acid reflux.

Our Jack Russell Terrier also likes carrot juice and BarleyMax and he is one healthy dog! You have made a difference in our lives and I know your following will grow.

Submitted By: Jack & Emelda of Morrison, IL

We are holding Hallelujah Diet Support Group meetings on a monthly basis for those in the area that are interested in the program that Chris is on, and that has been such a Blessing. We're so grateful! Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all of you!

Submitted By: Health Ministers Jane & Christo Anton of Scarborough, ME

I got serious about The Hallelujah Diet in May 2002. Since then, the Rheumatoid arthritis has gone into remission, and I am off Methotrexate. Also, my periodontal gum disease has gone into remission.

Submitted By: Anonymous
But since changing to the Hallelujah Diet all the above physical problems are gone, and I haven't felt this good in years!

I had decided to go along with my husband's diet and lifestyle change, and am so glad that I did. I thought I was 'healthy.' Oh, I had some complaints, like headaches, constipation, arthritis, painful hip problems, and allergies, but just lived with them, thinking they were a normal part of life. But since changing to the Hallelujah Diet all the above physical problems are gone, and I haven't felt this good in years! Neither one of us will ever go back to the SAD way of eating. We are telling others about it, and it so exciting to see our friends get well also. Thank you for all your honest information, information we can trust and pass on. I hope you will be able to continue your weekly e-mail Health Tips and 'Back to the Garden' publication. They are so inspiring!

Submitted By: Anonymous