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I would like everyone to know this happiness. My mind remains clear and alert, while my heart shares positive emotions with everyone I meet. Yes, healing is possible, and I will add, our health is a responsibility that nobody else can take care of for us.

Submitted By: Micheline

Since making the diet change, I have lost 57 pounds and 50.5 inches. My Heart is now functioning well and my asthma is completely gone - gone also is my arthritis, gout, carpel tunnel, acid reflux, depression, and even the tarter on my teeth.

Submitted By: Shirley of Mooresville, NC
My daughter Christina has lost nearly thirty pounds! My mother-in-law Mary, who lives with us, is 78 years old, and with a little persuasion has also gone on the diet.

She had been diabetic for at least thirty years. Also, before the diet change, she had been taking heart medication for the past few years and the doctor said her heart was getting weaker. She had many infections that did not heal or healed very slowly, and had been in a wheelchair the past six months. After only a couple weeks on the Hallelujah Diet she has lost fifteen pounds and has been able to stop all medication, including her insulin. Her doctor was talking amputation due to an infection in her toe that would not heal. After a recent visit to her doctor, the doctor said it was a 'miracle!'--her foot is totally healed!

Submitted By: Anonymous
The depression is gone as is the high cholesterol and arthritis, and I have now lost a total of 45 pounds since adopting The Hallelujah Diet! Praise God!

But within the first week after making the diet change, I noticed improvement! within two weeks, I had no more constipation and my hemorrhoids were getting better without my prescription drugs! Within the first month, I had lost 20 pounds and my friends at church could not believe what they were seeing! And by this time, the rash had totally cleared! My body had started regenerating itself! Now I sleep like a baby, whereas before the diet change I could only sleep about two to four hours a night.

Submitted By: Janet J. of Boiling Springs, NC
One of the best things is no more headaches.

I sent one of your books to my son who is a Nutritional Consultant and he felt your way of life was a little drastic. So on one of our visits to him he insisted that he do a fat check and see if I was losing the right kind of weight - well I wasn't a bit surprised that my fat count had gone down 4 points. He was very surprised. Just couldn't believe I could give up all animal products and be as healthy as I am. We have since ordered ten copies of 'Why Christians Get Sick' and are giving them to family members. We try to tell everyone about your findings, some people listen while others say it is not the way of life for them. It is the only way as far as I can see. God gave us a wonderful body and we have been doing everything we can do destroy it. It is time to listen to God's Word and do what He says. We pray for you daily and may God lead you and give you many more years in His service.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Now I am 60 pounds lighter and doing fine on the Hallelujah Diet.

I just changed what I ate, not how much I ate. No more heart problems, dizziness, pains or even sickness.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Prior to Hallelujah Diet, we had always tried to eat healthy, but since changing to The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, I feel great!

I often receive compliments about my complexion, and I have lost 23 pounds. Also, since making the diet change, I no longer have numbness and burning sensations in my left leg, stemming from an auto accident injury back in 1991.

Submitted By: John & Theresa of Albuquerque, NM

Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet, Roxanne has seen the following improvements in her health: two hernias, vaginal tumor, and heart problem have disappeared, while gaining in strength and losing weight (20 pounds lost thus far), while Jimmy's mood swings have become more stable.

Submitted By: Jimmy & Roxanne

My teenage son is like a different child. His acne is greatly improved, but his attitude is incredible. He is quieter and more helpful and respectful.

Submitted By: Anonymous
It has been a great year.

We received Health Minister training in March 2000. We are really excited about the ministry! We have been sharing the lifestyle with our family, friends, church family, and anyone else who will listen. Both of our daughters' families are on the Hallelujah Diet, as well as my 86-year-old mother. I believe the Hallelujah Diet has prolonged her life and allowed it to be enjoyable. She had congestive heart failure and her lungs were periodically filling up with fluid. After attending Health Minister training I got her on the Hallelujah Diet and off the five killer foods. She has regained her strength and is feeling great. She has been able to get back to doing things she hadn't been able to do--such as driving her car, working two days a week, and going to a swimming pool five days a week for aerobic exercises. Like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps on going, and going, and going.

Submitted By: Anonymous