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“Just want to say how much Jane & I enjoyed the 5+ days we spent with you and Tim. What a remarkable ministry the two of you have; jam-packed with life-saving knowledge on foods to eat. And, as I said, without the biblical foundation for the program it would still be a tremendous “seminar”, but with God’s teaching, it is literally “out of this world.

You and Tim are two special people, and it’s apparent God is wonderfully using you. Jane and I thank God
that you were there for us.

May God give a special blessing on the two of you and your ministry.


“Think of it as a vacation from unhealthy living and a roadmap for the rest of your life.”

“A private getaway, lovely amenities and fascinating local attractions, plus the most enlightening introduction to an authentic approach to sustainable optimal health…all in an uplifting spiritual environment. My Health Retreat appealed to most things I truly care about.”

“I learned more about healthy eating in one week than I had in the rest of my life. I learned that what we eat is more important than anything else.”

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