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“Mom’s Only Hope Was The Hallelujah Diet”


“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I wanted to write and share how the Hallelujah Diet has helped my 87-year-old mother. My mom became very ill and ended up in the hospital’s emergency room. Her blood pressure was 238/120, she was unable to communicate (possibly as a result of a stroke), had severe peripheral artery disease, was extremely anemic, and they discovered a ...

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Dare To Be A “Daniel”

630x330-Dare To Be A Daniel

I love hearing from our readers – especially when a reader’s health has been improved through the simple dietary change that we teach. Please keep those testimonies coming as they are not only an encouragement to me, but to those who read them: “So glad that this article was written and shared in your webpage. Most Christians have been deceived ...

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What Did God Tell Us We Should Eat? (Part 7)

630x330-Bible Tells Us What To Eat

In the previous six Health Tips we have been dealing with the subject: “What Did God Tell Us We Should Eat?” In the first of this series, I began by saying: “Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992, over 23 years ago, I have been claiming that the Bible should be our source of knowledge concerning every decision ...

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A Drug-Free Approach to Diabetes


Everyone remembers the old oatmeal commercials with Wilford Brimley. You know – the ones where he describes how eating oat bran can help with the management of diabetes. While it may not seem like a very groundbreaking commercial, back in 1987, Quaker’s campaign represented something very revolutionary in the field of food marketing – encouraging people to focus on the ...

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The Most Dangerous Diets


In this Health Tip we are going to zero in on what I consider to be the most dangerous and destructive of all foods – animal sourced foods. Animal sourced foods, both flesh and dairy, are the cause or contributing cause of the majority of physical problems. The Most Dangerous Diet of All The diet that does the most damage ...

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The All-Inclusive Gourmet Getaway


Did you know that you can make aged, fermented cheese without dairy? Or that you can make traditional-looking, raw, vegan birthday cakes that are actually good for you? Hallelujah Acres’ new Raw Gourmet Living week-long culinary class shows you how to master the finer points of living food cuisine! With an abundance of great food to eat all day (every ...

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Dietary Evangelism

Dietary Evangelism

Trying to spread the word of hope and healing? It can be tough… we know from 20 years of experience! But there are certain pieces of information that are hard to deny — and these are the type facts that make great conversation starters about a plant-based diet like The Hallelujah Diet. Here are some from our FREE Healthy Living ...

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Danger In Consuming Too Much Cooked Food


For the past three Health Tips we have been sharing the positive and negative aspects of various diets. In this Health Tip we are going to take a serious look at a potentially dangerous aspect of numerous diets – consuming too much of our food in its cooked form. God’s Original Intent There is absolutely no way anyone can argue ...

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Holy Basil, Batman… Catwoman’s Gone Vegan!


You’d have to be a certain age (who, us?) to remember Michelle Pfeiffer as Batman’s nemesis, Catwoman in one of her defining roles (Batman Returns, 1992) Back then, she said in a recent interview on CNN, it was all about vanity. Now, 54-year-old Pfeiffer says, it’s about longevity, which is why she’s adopted a plant-based diet. (OK, maybe it’s still ...

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