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Meet with Rev. Malkmus


I was excited to be able to call my dad this past weekend and wish him a happy Father’s Day. He is now 81 years old, extremely healthy and still sharp as a tack. I remember him not always healthy though. I recall how he used to have terrible allergies and then there was the tumor in his colon nearly ... Read More »

Rev. Malkmus Celebrates His 81st Birthday


February 12th is a very special day in my life — First, because it was on this date in 1934, at 8:20 a.m., that I physically entered this world, and secondly because it was on this same date in 1992, Hallelujah Acres was founded. Next week in Health Tip #900 I will write concerning Hallelujah Acres celebrating 23 years of ministry. ... Read More »

A Tradition Comes To A Close


For the past 22 years Rev. Malkmus, on the first Saturday of each month, has been sharing his “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar — on November 1, 2014, that 22-year run will end. From 1992 until 1994 he delivered this seminar in the Hallelujah Acres store in Rogersville, Tennessee, then from 1994 to 1997 in Eidson, Tennessee, and from ... Read More »

The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret… Revealed!

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Lose weight, feel great, and empower your body your heal itself — and all it takes is a simple, healthy diet change! Find out how with Rev. Malkmus’ world-famous “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars in Charlotte and Tampa! You’ll hear life-changing information about The Hallelujah Diet, testimonies of healing from people in attendance, plus, enter a prize drawing for free books, ... Read More »

Rev. Malkmus’ Retirement Decision


Recently, I asked Health Tip readers if I should retire upon my 80th birthday coming up on February 12, 2014. I was looking for some input from our readers and the response was overwhelming – that I should NOT retire. Almost 300 have responded thus far. A few of their letters appear below and after those letters I share what ... Read More »

Columbia, SC Will Never Be The Same!


It changes diets. It changes lives. And it’s coming to Columbia, SC! Hallelujah Acres’ Founder Rev. George Malkmus is bringing his world-famous “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar to Columbia, SC on Saturday, August 3, 2013! The action 10:00 a.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom, 8910 Farrow Road, Columbia, South Carolina. Read More »

“God’s Way” Tour Coming To Charlotte!


If you’ve never seen Rev. George Malkmus’ world-famous “God’s Way To Ultimate Health” seminar in person, you haven’t been properly introduced to The Hallelujah Diet… …come to Charlotte, NC on Saturday, July 6, 2013 and you’ll get that introduction! The action starts at 10:00 a.m. at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel (there’s a free shuttle from the airport if you’re ... Read More »

The Miraculous Self-healing Body


Hallelujah Acres has produced a powerful 34-minute video featuring four medical doctors who discuss the body’s ability to heal itself of almost any physical — and even psychological — problem. Have you ever wondered how the body heals itself from injury, sickness, and disease? Externally we can see the body literally heal itself from a cut or laceration on the ... Read More »

79th Birthday Wishes For Rev. Malkmus


“You are amazing, George! You continue to captivate our attention even though we have heard your message many times before. Your recovery from a few inconvenient bouts with health problems – cancer and a stroke – have not diminished your zest for ‘life’. I have no doubt that both you and Rhonda WILL SEE the return of our LORD! What a total blessing you and Rhonda have been to us all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful man and someone who can at almost 80-years of age still type 50 words a minute with nearly zero errors! Blessings and love always!” ~ Vivvy, Florida Read More »