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Does Health Care Reform Endanger The Poor?


  My feature article in last week’s Health Tip #675 titled “Why Health Care Reform Must Be Repealed” generated lots of mail. Most responses were positive, but a few were quite critical. An example of each… “Great article that hits the Health Care problem right on the head. Health will never come to the people of these United States until ...

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Why The Health Care Reform Bill Must Be Repealed


With National Elections only one week away, candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties are raising many issues — one of the hottest is Health Care Reform. On one side, Republican candidates for both the House and Senate are seeking to repeal the recently-passed Health Care Reform law. When it was yet a bill, not a single Republican voted ...

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What Should Congress Do About Health Care Reform


I recently posted the above question on my blog, and then provided folks opportunity to respond by choosing from the following three responses: Pass the Current Bill Start over from Scratch Stop trying to fix Health Care Here are the responses posted thus far followed by this editor’s thoughts regarding the issue: Pass the Current Bill – 2 %; Start ...

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