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The Miraculous Self-healing Body


Hallelujah Acres has produced a powerful 34-minute video featuring four medical doctors who discuss the body’s ability to heal itself of almost any physical — and even psychological — problem. Have you ever wondered how the body heals itself from injury, sickness, and disease? Externally we can see the body literally heal itself from a cut or laceration on the ...

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Super Immunity


Dr. Joel Fuhrman is an internationally-recognized physician, author, and “nutritarian.” In his research and medical practice, he has discovered certain foods that, when consumed regularly, offer the most benefit to the immune system. They’re not exotic foods that are difficult to find, in fact, they’re probably in your kitchen right now — and all of them are on The Hallelujah Diet! ...

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How To Have Super Immunity


Straight from the pages of Health News Magazine (July-Aug 2012, issue #72), best-selling author and medical doctor Dr. Joel Fuhrman reveals which foods give you unstoppable immunity from almost any ailment! [quote]”We are faced today with an epidemic of autoimmune illnesses, allergies, obesity, cancer, and heart disease; diseases primarily born of nutritional causes. We can only win the war on ...

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Rev. Malkmus Reveals His Credentials to Teach Nutrition


It is with great thankfulness that I say that I am not a medical doctor, university trained nutritionist, or dietician! If I had gone that route, I would have been programmed with all the errors of this world’s system concerning nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. I may never have found the truth concerning how God intended His human creation (our physical ...

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