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What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet

Children living in a western culture are typically prescribed nearly 20 antibiotics before they reach the age of 18.  They may stay on these antibiotics anywhere from one week to one month—even as long as one year.  When used appropriately, antibiotics have been successful in saving lives.  However, excessive use, or prescribed inappropriately, antibiotics can be damaging not only for ...

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Magnesium Prevents Kidney Stones


In the April 2014 issue of Russell Blaylock MD’s monthly publication, “The Blaylock Wellness Report”,  he had an interesting article regarding kidney stones in which he shared that kidney stones contain calcium.

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How Food pH Affects Body pH


The physical body we each possess was designed by God to be nourished (fueled) with predominantly alkaline foods in order to maintain an alkaline pH environment, for not only our health, but for our very survival!

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Why Cow Milk is So Dangerous


Are you ready for some ‘renewing of your mind’? Let’s start by blowing out of the water something most people have been taught to believe all their lives… that ‘Milk Does the Body Good.’ I am going to share abundant information with you that reveal just the opposite to be true.

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How To Avoid Osteoporosis


With May being “Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month” — and this week being National Women’s Health Week — I thought it would be a perfect time to review what osteoporosis is, what causes it, and how you can avoid it! Osteoporosis is a silent disease of affluence; a disease of the bones which literally means “porous bones.” It occurs over ...

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Vitamin D: Can You Get Too Much?

Can You Get Too Much

While it’s true that vitamin D absorption is self-regulating when you’re in the sun (a shade of pink skin tells your body you’ve had enough), the same cannot be said of vitamin D supplementation. You can, in fact, overdo it. And, surprisingly, the symptoms of too much or too little vitamin D have something in common — hypertension. Too much ...

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Is There A Way To Reverse Osteoporosis?


  “Dear Rev. Malkmus, What do you recommend for osteoporosis? Not prevention, but rather the reversal of it?” ~ Amanda Rebuilding bone density and reversing osteoporosis requires that we first stop doing those things that cause a loss in bone density.

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Gardening Guide #20: Energize Your Soil


[youtube TiCxrnkwbxs nolink] Using soil test results, Willi Murray explains how to replace nutrients in the soil safely and effectively — and why standard, bagged fertilizer is not ideal. Sign up for the Health Tip to receive notification of new Gardening Guide videos every week!

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Gardening Guide #24: Seeds and Nuts


[youtube qwctFiwTy1o nolink] Replacing nutrients in dairy with seeds and nuts is easy! Rev. Malkmus and Willi Murray explain which varieties are best. Sign up for the Health Tip to receive notification of new Gardening Guide videos every week!

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