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Consider the facts before scheduling that annual checkup.

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Western culture and medicine emphasizes the practice of going to the doctor each year for ...


  1. This was a great little reminder that fast food is very harmful for our bodies. It is always best to prepare your own meals so you know what you are eating. The recipe books that Hallelujah Diet sales are very helpful in helping to make preparing your own meals as easy as possible with lots of different options for a healthy meal.

  2. Great Blog! This was some good information about fast food. Did not know that fast food could cause migraine headaches and other bad affects to our body. I have four grandkids and two of them don’t even like fries or the burgers from a fast food place. I thank God that I hear this so I can share with other families members that like to eat out all the time. This was very interesting information.

  3. carolyn b. calhoun

    Great reminder pf how bad fast food is for us. Speed in getting your food is not always better than the quality we need. We have awesome recipe books on how to prepare your food quickly and with the most nutrition. Thanks for this blog.

  4. Fast food? How fast can you peal a banana, wash and bite into an apple or sweet bell pepper, etc.? Fast food is all around us and we don’t recognize it. Once a week my husband likes to eat at a fast food place. I eat along with him however I have raw veggies and humus and sometimes juice or smoothie prepared before we left home. The ff smells are very tempting and alluring but the memory of headache, stomachache, gas, sinus drainage, etc. make me ignore them. My insulated lunch bag goes out the door along with my purse!

  5. In the world we live in we are always in a hurry so it’s easy to fall in the fast food trap because it seems so convenient. I love recipe books like the Simple Weekly Meal Plans so we can plan ahead for our meals and it’s easier to stick with our healthier choices when we have a plan.

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