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It is important for all men and women to take care of their bodies to ...


  1. I agree with the foods you suggested for better eye health. In 1997 I went to one of Chattanooga`s best eye doctors for new glasses,( Dr.Dzik) and he told me I had beginning cataracts and said.”we`ll probably see you in a year or two. I also found out in 1997 about Hallelujah Acres and with juicing carrots,and later kale,celery,etc I did not need cataract surgery until 2015 at age 78.

  2. That was an excellent video. A lot of people do develop eye illnesses as they age. I certainly want to protect my vision. I’m glad to hear about all the good food that contributes to eye health and also the Total Eye Health supplement.

  3. That is a great juicing story Roger. I’m so glad juicing made such a difference in your health.

  4. carolyn b. calhoun

    I have cataracts in both my eyes. Have been told their is no way of knowing how long they have been growing. I take numerous of the Hallelujah supplements especially the Total Eye Health. It may be too late to turn my situation around but I would encourage EVERYONE to stay as close as you can to the Hallelujah Diet. Greens,Greens,Greens!

  5. I really like this! Did not know that Vitamin A, C and E was in so much of the foods. I realize that all the health problems come from poor diet. I`m so grateful for good information…

  6. I love the information in this video. My mother has always struggled with her vision as long as I can remember. It’s so important to know what foods support eye health. I have also heard great testimonies from individuals who take the Total Eye Health supplement.

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