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What makes some of the most beneficial leafy greens so rich and nutritious? Read on to learn more about your best options.

Top Leafy Green Vegetables

In a world of primarily raw, plant-based eating, leafy green vegetables have quite the reputation. ...


  1. I appreciated the video on sleep tips. I agree with the suggestion of sticking to a normal sleep schedule. It was easy to do on vacation. I felt well rested when i did. But it is more challenging now that I’m back to work and try to fit many activities into a busy day.

  2. Good Blog! Learned that going to bed and getting up around the same time assures comfort and good quality of rest. I did not realize that taking a nap doing the day could cause a person not to sleep good. This is some good information.

  3. Good tip on staying on a regular sleep schedule! I find this to be really ideal with kids.

  4. This is great advice! I have found both tips to be completely true for my daughter. She has always struggled with resting good but being on a schedule and cutting out her naps have definitely made a difference.

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