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To stomp the ignorance associated with this valuable nutrient, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about magnesium.

10 Interesting Facts About Magnesium

Magnesium is natural nutrient the body needs to thrive. In fact, it's the second most ...


  1. Oh! this was a good word coming from the lady. She said make your physical activities enjoyable and this sounds good. I love her telling us that we should make it a habit! Learning to do something for 21 days will form a habit sounds like a winner for me. I would to start journaling and keeping up with the days I start going, seems like fun. Thanks again for some great information…

  2. This is great advice. Exercise has always been a challenge for me but it’s so true if you can make it enjoyable it’s much easier to stick with. I started walking with my daughter and husband and its good family time so that makes it much easier for me.

  3. Great information to follow! Thank you!

  4. These are some good ideas regarding exercise and developing a good habit. Tonight I will go swimming for exercise since the weather is still warm.

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