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But just how favorable are veggies when it comes to overall wellness? Here are the top five benefits of eating vegetables.

Benefits of Eating Vegetables

You could jeopardize your overall health if you don't pay attention to the foods you ...


  1. This message about replacement for sugars was good information! I did not realize that about nutmeg, but I will try it since we not using white sugar. Thanks

    • Nutmeg is very dangerous in higher amounts. It contains a compound called myristicin which can cause numerous uncomfortable effects in the body, from nausea on. I would be cautious with it. Here is more info.

  2. I appreciate these suggestions for healthy alternatives to sugar. I would like to try ginseng tea. Nutmeg is something we often consume around the holidays. The holidays are certainly one of the hardest times to stick to a healthy diet. The best sugar substitute of all is stevia. Thank God for stevia, the only sweetener I know of that doesn’t have a negative impact on our health.

  3. Carolyn B, Calhoun

    Love my spices. Great to know about nutmeg. It’s good all year around not just at Holidays. I haven’t used white sugar in a very long time. Don’t miss it either. Thanks for this little video

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