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The Rise in Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Due to a number of health concerns such as hidden sugars and an increase in obesity, gestational diabetes is on the rise.

Conceiving a child and giving birth is one of God's greatest miracles. Starting a family is a major milestone and exciting time for many. However, as with any health-related event, pregnancy can come with questions and medical concerns. In recent years, a condition known as gestational diabetes, or GDM according to the American Diabetes Association, has increasingly made headlines. Today, ...

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How to Relieve Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Don’t ever feel the need to resort to prescription and over-the-counter drugs - especially while you’re pregnant - because there are a plenty natural ways to relieve and combat these common symptoms.

Giving birth is a truly beautiful blessing – bringing your new child into the world will unveil a feeling like no other. It may, however, be hard to shake the way you're feeling right now during your pregnancy, because you're likely dealing with some of the correlating symptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, constipation and headaches are all common during the ...

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How Long Do Menopause Hot Flashes Last?

If you are proactive with your health and use natural remedies to balance your hormones, then you can experience relief from hot flashes.

Hot flashes are some of the most dreaded symptoms of menopause, especially because a hot flash can occur suddenly and leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. Many women experience hot flashes and assume that they need to suffer through the discomfort, and they patiently wait for years… hoping that the hot flashes will eventually go away on their own. But, it ...

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Reasons to Try Our Winter Detox

Jump start your Christmas season with our winter detox.

For many people, there's no question that the dawn of the holiday season also means the accrual of several unwanted pounds each year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, the abundance of holiday cookies and treats, drinks and feasts can seem overwhelming. While you may think that one indulgent peppermint hot chocolate during your Christmas shopping isn't so bad, a ...

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Our Favorite Halloween Treat Alternatives

Instead of feeding your kids poison from the SAD diet, share some of these delicious wholesome treats!

  Can you believe that Halloween is less than a week away? It’s the time of year for celebrating scary movies, spooky decorations and sweet treats. But just because trick-or-treating encourages children to eat candy with artificial flavors, preservatives and refined sugars, doesn’t mean they have to! Instead of feeding your kids poison from the SAD diet, share some of ...

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Speed Up Weight Loss the Healthy Way

There's nothing more frustrating than changing your lifestyle habits only to notice little to no weight loss in return. It takes time, of course, for your body to adjust to healthy eating and exercise, but maybe you need an extra oomph of encouragement to be successful. Weight loss pills might seem like a quick fix, but they're not worth jeopardizing ...

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Natural Ways to Seek Relief During Menstruation

Here are a few ways we suggest easing the pain that comes with your period.

Many women struggle with cramps and various other symptoms that come with monthly menstruation, making it difficult to perform daily tasks without feeling uncomfortable. Instead of seeking relief from over-the-counter medications that come with harmful side effects, however, there are many natural ways to overcome the harsh feelings that abruptly knock on your door every month. Here are a few ...

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Vitamins and Minerals to Prioritize During Pregnancy

We recommend mothers consume the following vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for women, giving them the opportunity to bring new life and love into the world. To ensure the baby properly develops while in the womb, it's critical for mothers to make exceptionally healthy lifestyle adjustments. Staying hydrated, getting enough sleep every night and exercising moderately are essential, but following a proper diet is just as ...

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Survey Says Vaccinated Children Get Sicker

There’s a reason to question the government about vaccine efficacy.

In the past, we’ve discussed how harmful vaccines can be and why you should turn to God’s natural medicine – raw fruits and vegetables – in times of need and nurture. Potentially dangerous ingredients, such as aluminum, antibiotics, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and thimerosal, can be found in vaccines, which can trigger bad reactions and defeat the initial purpose of utilizing ...

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