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4 Sweet Hallelujah Diet Recipes to Whip up on Valentine’s Day

Make one of these delicious and nutritious treats for your Valentine.

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show additional love and appreciation for your significant other. While kind words and thoughts speak volumes, gifting your loved one something sweet and homemade can make him or her feel even more cherished. On this loving holiday, make one of these delicious desserts for your special someone to show how much you truly ...

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From Cancer Survivor to Health Minister: Shirley McDermott’s Journey

Discover how one woman beat cancer and became a Health Minister for Hallelujah Diet.

Just before Christmas in December 2007, Shirley McDermott of Columbus, Ohio, was diagnosed with colon cancer. A former hospital employee, the self-employed administrative sales director for Mary Kay Inc., Shirley and her husband Frank were faced with a decision thousands of Americans are forced to make every day. It was a combination of her faith and family history with cancer that ...

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5 Foods to Remove from Your Kitchen Right Now

Before you start eating healthier, eliminate these foods from your kitchen.

Millions of people vow to be healthier when the new year comes around. You've been there: Making promises to get more sleep, manage stress, exercise more often and make better food choices. If you're one of many who plan on fueling your body with more nutritious foods, you must first raid the kitchen and remove the harmful, unhealthy items that are ...

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How to Maintain Your Healthy Habits

Use these guidelines to help you maintain the new habits and stay on the path to better health.

The new year is here, and millions of Americans have set goals to better themselves. But even though the ideas of eating well and exercising more often are fresh in their minds, many people let those good intentions fall by the wayside before January even comes to an end. The problem is that many individuals don't realize that healthy habits ...

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How a Plant-Based Diet Can Help Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Prescription medications aren't necessary. A lifestyle adjustment is.

Did you know that 29 million people living in the U.S. have diabetes? More often than not, those living with the condition will head to the doctor only to be prescribed drugs or insulin to alleviate the symptoms. This issue with this so-called "solution" that many "health experts" tend to ignore is how it can lead to further physical breakdown, ...

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5 Tips for Losing and Managing Weight During the Winter

Learning how to manage your weight during the winter isn't as difficult as you think.

For some, gaining weight during the winter can seem inevitable. Between the fatty foods served around the holidays and the busy schedules that make exercise less of a priority, there are dozens of reasons why you might struggle with weight maintenance. But it's all about mind over matter. Channel your focus on how you can fuel a healthy, thriving body, ...

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