Hallelujah Health Tip

Spring Cleaning For Your Health

Give your body a spring clean.

For all Christians, the Easter season is a time of rebirth, reflection and renewal. In addition to the time for prayer and inner thought, many people use spring as an opportunity to start over. For some, this means leaving behind bad habits, while for others it means starting a new journey. Rather than spring cleaning your garage this season, consider a spring ...

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Springtime Gardening Tips for Getting the Most of Your Produce

Gardening takes more effort than planting and watering a seed. If you really want to maximize your harvest this spring, consider the following tips.

  The arrival of springtime is nothing short of spectacular. Beyond enjoying the heightened temperatures, presence of sunshine and occasional rain showers, you have the opportunity to tend a garden. Growing your own produce isn’t just a seasonal hobby. Gardening is beneficial for the mind, body and soul, providing an outlet to the stressors of life and allowing you to burn ...

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Refreshing Springtime Salad Recipes

Looking for new, interesting and delicious ways to make use of your fresh produce this season? Here are a few springtime salad recipes you can try.

  Ah, springtime. The sun is shining, the crisp air is blowing, the flowers are blooming; there are so many refreshing details that make this season the perfect departure from a long, dreary winter. Plus, it’s finally time to head outside and tend the garden you’ve been missing for months! Growing your own produce isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s ...

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4 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

Discover these surprising things about your gut.

Most people go through each day without giving their gastrointestinal system, often called the gut, much thought at all. However, if they knew that this part of the body had so much power over their physical, emotional and mental health and well-being, they may pay more attention. If you have yet to get familiar with your gut, consider these facts ...

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Nutrient-Rich Spring Soup Recipes

Enjoy these raw, plant-based spring soup recipes.

It's not always easy to decide what to make for a meal in the spring. Some days the sun is shining and then the next you need your heavy jacket and boots again. For those iffy spring days, there's no better meal to rely on than soup. Equally perfect for grey afternoons with a soft drizzling rain and warmer dry ...

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5 Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Improve your health today by juicing.

  Have you ever had to deal with a dead car battery? Leaving your lights or radio on overnight are two of the most common causes of a drained box, just like failing to eat right or exercise regularly are two of the most common causes of bad health. Extremes in temperatures can also cause your car battery to die, ...

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St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Here are a variety of juices, snacks and sweets to make for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day, the celebration of the saint himself, is right around the corner. Many observe by wearing their most festive colorful apparel, marching in parades and indulging in delicious green food and beverages. But just because you want to participate in the festivities, doesn't mean you have to step away from your plant-based eating regimen. Just think about all ...

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The Importance of Good Footwear and Your Health

Good footwear is important for the health of your feet, and your body.

When you go to put on your choice of footwear each morning or browse through the sandal aisle to find what you'll like best this summer, you're most likely not thinking about your health. As Harvard Women's Health Watch reported, poor footwear decisions can lead to life-long damage on the feet. Not only is this uncomfortable or even painful, but ...

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The Health Benefits of Ginger

Incorporate ginger into your primarily raw, plant-based diet.

Fresh herbs and spices that come from the plants of the earth – a hallmark of a primarily raw diet plant-based diet – have a number of medicinal properties. Since the civilization of the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus, these dietary condiments have been used to remedy a number of different ailments, according to Dr. Axe's natural health source. ...

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Heart Healthy Tips for Valentine’s Day

Why not use this loving holiday to focus on better ways to prioritize heart health?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while you might have plans to take your loved one out to a fancy restaurant or buy him or her a box of chocolates, why not switch things up this year? There are plenty of ways to show the one you love how much you cherish his or her presence without skipping ...

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