Hallelujah Health Tip

Hallelujah Diet Recipes to Prepare with Your Kids

Have fun in the kitchen with your family with these recipes!

Besides adopting a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you should strive to teach your children how to take care of their bodies. With Julie Wandling's primarily-raw food recipes from her book "Hallelujah Kids: Recipes for Kids," you can show your family the importance of eating a healthy, primarily-raw diet in a delicious way! Have fun in the kitchen with your little ones and create ...

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Reduce Inflammation with Serrapeptase

Taking proteolytic enzymes regularly can aid in reducing inflammation in the body and easing the associated symptoms. One such proteolytic enzyme is Hallelujah Diet’s Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue and promotes good blood flow. Serraptase can help with pain and swelling. If you’re experiencing acute inflammation from athletic injuries or overexertion, this proteolytic enzyme is for you.

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Are Root Canals Dangerous to Your Health?

Root canals have continuously been linked to chronic diseases like cancer.

Oral health is more than just fresh breath, pearly white teeth and a great smile. Poor oral hygiene has the potential to compromise your immune system and your overall health. In fact, the commonly performed root canal procedure – of which 25 million are carried out each year in the U.S. – can lead to chronic disease, according to Dr. Mercola's ...

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Why our customers love BarleyMax products

Why are Hallelujah’s BarleyMax Products Our Best Sellers? The results are in. Month after month, our BarleyMax products are number one among our many customers. And our customers are some very smart people. So why do they consider our BarleyMax organic powders to be among the best supplements, and why is barley in particular so beneficial to your health? First ...

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What Fuel Did God Design Our Bodies to Run On?

Just like an automobile, our body requires fuel to run on. Have you ever given any thought to the type of fuel you are placing in your fuel tank (stomach)?

Just like an automobile, our body requires fuel to run on. Have you ever given any thought to the type of fuel you are placing in your fuel tank (stomach)? Poor quality fuel (unhealthy food and drink) will cause your body to run poorly, often causing it to ping and knock with low energy and sickness, while high quality fuel ...

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Health Insurance: Are You Paying Too Much?

By adopting the Genesis 1:29 diet, it's possible to be free of health insurance payment plans that rarely amount to any real assistance.

If you're fueling your body with the biblical plant-based diet that God intended you to, you may be paying unnecessarily for health insurance. Though employee wages across the U.S. are slow to increase, the rates of family coverage premiums have jumped significantly in recent years. The average annual cost spent on health in America today has nearly tripled in the last ...

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God’s Health Care System VS The World’s

In this Health Tip, we are going to begin looking at two systems regarding the health of the physical body we each possess: the world’s system and God’s system. This week we will look at the world’s system: But first, I want us to take note that the Bible clearly tells us our physical bodies were designed by God to experience health, ...

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The Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen is an ingredient of such monumental importance that without it, life is absolutely impossible.

Most people can live about 40 days without food; they can live about 4 days without water, but they can't live more than about 4 minutes without oxygen. As you read these words, your chest is softly, rhythmically, and automatically rising and falling as air enters into and exits your lungs. You probably weren't even consciously aware of this until ...

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Tips for Following a Healthy Gluten-Free Diet

"Gluten-free" doesn't necessarily mean healthy.

Have you ever considered going on a gluten-free diet? Despite popular belief, avoiding wheat doesn't necessarily improve your health, especially if you don't live with celiac disease. According to The University of Chicago Medicine Celiac Disease Center, celiac disease affects about 3 million Americans. Sales of gluten-free foods have increased tremendously over the last decade, and the U.S. Department of ...

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