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3 New Raw Recipes For Spring

Consider new raw recipes this spring.

As the season of all things reborn and renewed, spring is the perfect time to revitalize your eating habits. If you've been sticking to the same snacks and meals each day, why not mix things up? There are so many ways to get creative with the colorful, fresh and raw plants of the earth. From vibrant salads to mouth-watering desserts, if you're ...

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The Purity, Efficacy and Availability of Omega-3 DHA

Discover the benefits of DHA and why purity matters.

Are you, like many others, constantly reading about the importance and benefits of omega-3 fish oil? Perhaps you have even begun incorporating this fatty acid into your diet to reap some of the health benefits. But are you consuming the triglyceride form? Are you conscientious of ultra purity and ultra concentrations? In this month's webinar, guest Carla Higgins RD, LDN provided ...

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How to Enhance Your Eye Health

To live your best life and ensure you can see it every step of the way, here are a few tips for enhancing your eye health.

The five senses are among our greatest gifts from God – the ability to hear, smell, taste, touch and see the elements of the world we live in allows us to appreciate the small and large aspects of life. But while the senses are gifted naturally, they can be ripped right from us at any given moment, especially when self ...

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Plant-based tart recipe for your Easter celebrations

Celebrate Easter with a plant-based tart.

Each year, Easter is a time to give thanks and put forth our wonder for all He sacrificed for us. It's a time to celebrate an awakening and new beginnings. In the past we've presented a Healthy Easter Challenge for Resurrecting your Health and we've encouraged the benefits of biblical fasting both physically and spiritually. In addition to the spiritual aspects of ...

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Natural Remedies For Menopause Symptoms

Consider these natural methods for combating menopause.

Menopause is an unavoidable part of life, but, if approached with care and managed with the right tools, you have the power to reduce the severity of symptoms. Taking care of your body and managing the foods you put into your body can have a lot to do with the side effects of menopause. There are even several natural ways to ...

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Fight Back Against Food Cravings

Learn how to naturally fight back against cravings.

  Craving your favorite childhood ice cream cone or a bag of salty chips or pretzels every now and then is perfectly normal. Often, they are situational, but sometimes cravings are your body’s way of trying to tell you something. As we’ve previously explained, a chocolate craving could mean you are in need of more magnesium or Vitamin B. The ...

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4 Important Facts to Know About Lyme Disease

Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting and important facts you need to know about Lyme disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme disease is an inflammatory condition caused by the bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. It's transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected tick. The most common carrier is the black legged deer tick, but various types carry the disease and can be found across the country. If ignored, Lyme ...

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Bringing Self-Healing to a New Level with the Perfect Cleanse

Discover how to promote your own self-healing.

Last week, our very own health expert and research scientist Dr. Michael Donaldson, Ph.D, presented the monthly Hallelujah Diet webinar on elevating the body's self-healing powers to a new level through our product The Perfect Cleanse. Americans today are plagued with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. All of this is due to unhealthy habits and lifestyles that lead to weight ...

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The Best Exercises for Bad Knees

Don't let bad knees keep you from getting your exercise.

Aching knees and joint pain may be a normal part of the aging process, but that doesn't mean you should have to live in a constant state of discomfort. From eating a primarily raw, plant-based diet, supplementing when needed and exercising regularly, you can effectively reduce pain in the knees. In fact, if aching in your knee is what bothers ...

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What is Salvestrol?

Found in fruits and vegetables, Salvestrol is a powerful compound for fighting cancer cells.

At Hallelujah Diet, we believe that food is medicine. In fact, food is the most simple and effective form of drugs or prescriptions there is. When consuming the right nutrients, the natural, plant-based foods of the earth, the natural healing capabilities in our bodies kick into gear. Foods high in phytochemicals, natural compounds found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, can ...

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