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How to Maintain and Regain Bone Density

Making healthier lifestyle choices can heal your osteoporosis naturally.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis and low bone mass are major public health threats for nearly 44 million adults aged 50 and older. That number might be alarming, but most of those cases could've been avoided with mindful lifestyle choices. Eating a poor diet, neglecting to stay physically active and forgetting to take your vitamins can influence your ...

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Risk Factors That Come With Being Overweight

The obesity epidemic is a pressing concern in our world today. According to Rev. George Malkmus, there are severe consequences to ignoring this problem. The most prominent danger associated with obesity is the possibility of dying from cardiovascular disease. For every pound overweight you are, your risk of early death from heart disease increases. Stroke, diabetes and cancer are additional ...

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Bypassing the Bypass Surgery: Know Your Options!

If you knew there was an alternative to invasive heart surgery, would you choose it? Find out what you missed from this month's webinar series!

In the United States today, cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In Western medicine, it's common for doctors to suggest a stent or even coronary artery bypass graft surgery for the chest pains that often indicate serious blockage in at least one artery. However, as Hallelujah Diet's research ...

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Proper Hydration: How Much Do You Really Need to Thrive?

Proper hydration is about more than just consuming enough water each day.

Today, many people are under the misconception that consuming eight cups of water per day is the only way to achieve proper hydration levels. However, as Ellie Krieger wrote in a recent Washington Post article, there are a number of myths surrounding water intake. So, how much water do you really need to thrive? Debunking the Myth on Proper Hydration Levels ...

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The Best Ways to Consume More Probiotics

Consuming cultured food sources or taking a high quality supplement are two ways to increase you probiotic intake.

The body is filled with bacteria. Live bacteria and yeasts are beneficial for overall health and though probiotics are most commonly bacteria, they can also survive and operate as yeast. Maintaining a balance of both good and bad bacteria is important for maintaining proper function of many body systems, specifically in regards to oral and digestive health. According to our Hallelujah Acres experts, ...

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Why the Hallelujah Diet is the Best Choice

The Hallelujah Diet can improve your overall well-being in more ways than one.

When you choose to eliminate refined sugars, saturated fats and processed foods from your diet, you're taking a step in the right direction to improve your overall well-being. Once you've made that proactive move, it's important to stay on track and nourish your body with whole foods bursting with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Many people rely on certain regimens for ...

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Key Takeaways on Turmeric, the Spice of the Century

Beat chronic inflammation with the spice of the century.

Have you ever referred to inflammation as "the silent killer?" If you're unaware, it has coined such a negative title due to the numerous health issues, complications and illnesses it's linked to, such as heart failure, clinical depression and Alzheimer's disease. Last week, we welcomed Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, a naturopathic physician, to lead our August webinar about the impact of ...

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Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

The human body contains millions of cells that rely on healthy nutrition like proteins, vitamins and minerals. While the body can create some of these nutrients, it also requires essential vitamins and minerals from food sources. Every living organism depends on its cells to function normally. Often referred to as “the building blocks of life,” cells are the biological, structural ...

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In Just 7 Days, You Can Rid Your Body of the Toxins that Can Make You Sick

Toxins can get stored in tissues and cells, often leading to serious illness.

When was your last detox? If you've never had one—or if it's been more than a year since your last detox—you should seriously consider one, especially if you're: Lethargic Experiencing constipation, head or muscle aches Feeling the need to lose weight Our bodies become toxic when we cannot naturally eliminate metabolic waste because of toxic overload. The toxins come from ...

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