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Plant-based diet may reduce risk of prostate cancer, study finds

Second only to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the leading cancer among American males. This disease will affect an average of every 1 in 7 men and his family, according to the American Cancer Society. Last year, there were approximately 220,800 new cases diagnosed. Though age is one of the biggest risk factors, diet and lifestyle choices may also play ...

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Snoring and lack of sleep may reduce chance of breast cancer survival

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in the country next to skin cancer? Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society estimated that about 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U.S. women just this year. While many medical “experts” believe the more likely risk factors are ones that can’t be controlled – age or race – we ...

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Report: Death rates from cancers keep dropping

Finding out that you or a loved one has a potentially terminal illness, such as cancer, is devastating. And although it seems like the end of the road is near, it is important to look to God for peace and reassurance. Staying faithful is a must – trust in the Lord and you will live a long, prosperous life for as long ...

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New study links alcohol, processed meats and obesity to stomach cancers

Late last month, the American Institute for Cancer Research and World Cancer Research Fund released a report providing evidence that links alcohol, processed meat and obesity to stomach cancers. All three lifestyle factors have been linked to colon and breast cancer among others, but according to NBC News, this is the first time they’ve been linked to stomach cancer. The research ...

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4 reasons to leave meat out of your diet

Are you looking to detox and restructure your diet to eliminate unhealthy fats and toxic substances? Removing meat from your daily meals is one of the most important steps to accomplishing this goal. Animal products – red meat in particular – make up a large portion of the saturated fats people consume. Cutting meat like pork, chicken, beef and lamb ...

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4 essential nutrients linked to reduced cancer risk

If you have a family history of cancer or you’re currently fighting the disease, certain lifestyle factors can affect your vulnerability to the illness. Diet has one of the largest impacts on people’s abilities to battle cancer. Did you know that there are certain foods that contribute to your increased risk of cancer and others that support your body’s immune ...

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The Spiritual Side of Cancer Recovery and Prevention

Spiritual Side of Cancer Recovery

Too often, medical professionals are focused only on symptomatic treatments without considering the ways the whole body works together. In order to achieve true health, it is essential to consider all aspects of healing: physical, mental, and spiritual. For complete balance, it is important that you approach your healing with a strong spiritual component. This spiritual approach will give you ...

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Simple Steps to Increase the Nutrient Density of Your Diet

Nutrient Density of Your Diet

Even though many calories are consumed in the Standard American Diet, the problem is that most of these calories are missing the important nutrients that are needed to protect health and wellness. Whether you are suffering from a serious disease, such as cancer, or you want to reduce your risk of health problems, you need to make it a point ...

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How Poor Oral Health Creates an Environment for Cancer Growth

Oral Health and Cancer Risk

Visiting the dentist is important to maintain a beautiful smile, but did you know that your dental health might also play a role in many other health problems throughout the body? If you want to reduce your risk of cancer, then you need to take a proactive approach with your dental care. To help you understand the connection, you need ...

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How Does Air Purity Impact Your Risk of Cancer?

Air Purity Impact the Risk of Cancer

It is easy to take your breathing for granted, especially because the body will continue maintaining a steady breath even when you aren’t consciously focused on the breath. Pause for a moment to bring awareness to your breathing patterns, and notice how the air is flowing in and out of your body. Is your diaphragm moving up and down steadily, ...

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