Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Healthy Days with Paul & Ann

The Key to Total Healing


When Paul and I are working with people who are ill, we often hear them say that they improved on the Hallelujah Diet—but just to a point. Then, they no longer found improvement. From there, we talk about their dental health, whether they are truthful in their amount of juicing and then we discuss another key component: Their emotional health. ... Read More »

A New Life in a Scary New World!


Last week Paul and I had an exceptionally busy week.  While everyone was slumbering on Sunday night before Labor Day, we were driving 14 hours to the Midwest so we could be there to spend time with our little 15-month-old granddaughter while her mommy went to the hospital to deliver a baby sister.  We got there with very little time ... Read More »

What Will You Choose?


Recently one of our readers sent this beautifully written poem. Yonka Beckam is a Raw Foodist, a certified Raw Nutrition Specialist, Chef & Lifestyle Coach. She appreciates how people think and this poem definitely shows that. Thank you for your excellent contribution Yonka! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! What Will You Choose? What if?…..What if ... Read More »

What Happens When America Shuns God?


There have been numerous instances lately where cities, schools and other civic organizations are being threatened unless they remove the 10 commandments monument, no longer say “Bless You” to someone who sneezes, and many other instances because there is a select group that seems to be the watchdog over anything “Christian” that appears to “offend them” or may offend someone ... Read More »

Will You Be Able to Trust the Next Generation of Doctors, Scientists, Engineers and Politicians?


What do the Generation X’ers, Generation Y’ers (also known as Millennials), and Generation Z’ers (also known as the new Silent Generation) all have in common? No, it’s not their exceptional prowess in technology; it’s not their “gotta have my space” tendencies, it’s not even their different work ethic.  Do you give up? These generations all have been medicated and vaccinated ... Read More »

Robin Williams—Theories on Why


There are many theories going around today about what caused Robin Williams to take his life. One such theory is that he had a mental illness. This is a new “disease” of today much like “obesity” and “inflammation” have become new “diseases.” The problem with the theory of “mental illness” is that it doesn’t get to the root of the ... Read More »