Monday, March 30, 2015

Healthy Days with Paul & Ann

The Cancer Craze


Where does a person go to learn the latest information on non-invasive cancer therapies? We just returned home from a great weekend in San Diego. Although there was very little time to take in the sights or walk along the beach, we did get to experience valuable learning while we attended the Integrated Health International Cancer Conference. A well-designed experience ... Read More »

Food Synergy


A couple of weeks ago we discussed how two toxins can create more damage than each one individually. By contrast, two foods when eaten together can create a sum of nutritional benefits larger than one eaten alone. For example, when you eat a tomato alone, it will give certain nutritional benefit. When you eat broccoli alone, it will provide other ... Read More »

1 + 1 = 3?

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No this is not new math, nor is it even just estimating. This is what happens when two substances come together. The end results are greater than the two individually. This is called synergy. Have you ever actually read much information about the true “reality” of what happens when two toxic substances combine in your body? Probably not since most ... Read More »

10 Tips to Prevent Dry Winter Skin


We are looking at a winter wonderland outside. But the white stuff isn’t snow, in fact none of it is—it’s ice! Yes, North Carolina has gotten a beautiful ice storm. The tiny little pebbles came down for several hours accumulating up on the rooftops, the trees and the roads. So, in honor of feeling like we are in the North ... Read More »

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


In consideration of Valentine’s Week, we want to talk about a topic that has had poetry, songs, novels, movies, and even scientists write about it.  It is mentioned 310 times in the King James Version of the Bible.  It has been associated with heart disease and it has been associated with improved health.  What is this larger than life topic ... Read More »

Not All Healthy Foods are Detoxifying


Monday we started a 7-Day Detox with about 5,000 other participants. Its been exciting to see so many positive results after just a few short days. One participant reported that her bloating significantly reduced in just one day. Others slept better and had more energy than in years. Many are commenting about having mild headaches or being a little tired. ... Read More »