Friday, November 21, 2014
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Healthy Days with Paul & Ann

When is the Best Time to Eat?


Can Eating Late Really Hurt You? It really is unavoidable.  Your child’s recital lasts longer than you expected and you had to go there straight from work.  So, dinner doesn’t get on the table to be eaten until nearly 8:30 pm.  Everyone is tired, and you just can’t wait to get the kitchen cleaned up and go to bed.  Sound ... Read More »

The Top 4 Life Changing Leafy Greens


What are the top leafy greens you should be eating every day? We’re all about maximum nutrition at the Malkmus household believing we can never get too much nutrition. Since “Leafy Greens” are the No. 1 food anyone can eat to improve their health we thought we should highlight our favorites. These greens not only have amazing nutritional profiles full ... Read More »

Get Rid of Those Unsavory, Unhealthy Habits


How to Prevent Unsavory, Unhealthy Habits from Developing in Your Family! Have you ever been disgusted by some of the strange habits people have? They have loud, juicy sounding burps; they place their fingers in the most disgusting places searching for some hard to reach item (in their noses); and they create wind at some of the most inopportune times! ... Read More »

12 Myths About the Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah Diet Questions

You sure can’t believe everything you hear. After twenty-three years, much has been said about what the Hallelujah Diet is and isn’t. A few of the most entertaining comments we have heard include: The Fountain of Youth, What the Energizer Bunny Eats, and A Disease Buster. Then, there are those who say: It’s boring, It’s not practical, and It’s Dangerous. ... Read More »

The Key to Total Healing


When Paul and I are working with people who are ill, we often hear them say that they improved on the Hallelujah Diet—but just to a point. Then, they no longer found improvement. From there, we talk about their dental health, whether they are truthful in their amount of juicing and then we discuss another key component: Their emotional health. ... Read More »

A New Life in a Scary New World!


Last week Paul and I had an exceptionally busy week.  While everyone was slumbering on Sunday night before Labor Day, we were driving 14 hours to the Midwest so we could be there to spend time with our little 15-month-old granddaughter while her mommy went to the hospital to deliver a baby sister.  We got there with very little time ... Read More »