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3 Health Hacks For Summer

3 Health Hacks For Summer

Today we offer you a guest blog written by a good friend of ours Scott Laird.  Scott is a Naturopath and works for a great organization called A Rood Awakening.  Enjoy his excellent writing! 3 Summer Health Hacks by Scott Laird, ND Usually, when someone sees or hears the term “hack” they think of a quick fix or a magic ...

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Are You Guilty of This?

Are You Guilty of This

Last week was a memorable week but sadly not in a positive way.  While the word “prejudice” continues to be tossed about in relation to race and skin color, I began to ponder what else we are all guilty of being “prejudiced” about. My husband grew up in a denomination where he was a bit “prejudiced” against other denominations and ...

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What To Do… If You Overdo It


Sure, it didn’t seem like you were in the sun for long, but — ouch! That first day of summer fun can be a doozy if you’re not careful. Obviously sunburning is not ideal, but in case it happens again, here’s some not-so-common, home-grown sunburn advice from a handy reference book we carry at Hallelujah Acres called Prescription For Nutritional ...

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What is a Blue Zone?

What is a Blue Zone

We live in a country that has pretty clean water, plenty of food to eat and fairly decent air to breathe.  In most parts of our country there are many trees to purify the air and new measures are being taken to create less pollution in the soil, water and air. Health care is accessible, health information is also available ...

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God

What is the closest way to get to know God? Spend time with a child. We recently had the great pleasure to share a week with our 3-year-old granddaughter.  Every morning she woke up with energy, smiles and that incredible laugh.  Those bright, blue eyes and that deep, black hair that goes well down her back just pierced these grandparents ...

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From Sea To Shining Sea

Sea Vegetables provide an abundance of nutritional benefits

How many of you have ever tried sushi?  No, not the one with the raw meat in it, but the other kinds that have rice covered with nori (a seaweed) and veggies and avocado inside.  Besides the great taste of the veggie sushi, you may be surprised that you are getting more than a mouthful of flavor.  The sea vegetable ...

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Are All Sugars Created Equally?

Are All Sugars Created Equally

Sugars are carbohydrates, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Sugars come in a variety of forms, but can be distinguished easily (at least on paper) by their chemical structure. The main structures are monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. Structures of Sugar Monosaccharides are simple sugars and include glucose (also known as dextrose), fructose, and galactose (found in dairy). Polysaccharides are commonly ...

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Depression–Breaking Free Part 2

Depression--Breaking Free Part 2

As we stated last week, depression can have hidden dangers and will affect your physical health in many hidden ways.  This week we will identify the dietary factors that can affect mental health, why our diets play such an important role in mitigating the symptoms and severity and what other natural methods can be used to gain relief from depression. ...

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Depression—Can it Really Make You Sick?

Depression—Can it Really Make You Sick

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that at least 16 million people had at least one major depressive episode in 2012.  That is 6.9% of the population. According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It is a leading cause of disability. The number of people developing depression has increased steadily since 1915. The ...

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Why Is It So Hard To Stay Healthy?

Why Is It So Hard To Stay Healthy

Have you ever wondered if your parents had to work as hard as you do to maintain their health?  Chances are, probably not.  While they still had to make good food choices, their lifestyles were probably more active than sedentary.  The air they breathed when they were younger was pure, the food they consumed was likely whole foods without the ...

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