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4 Ways to Recharge Your Body After Burnout

Dedicating too much time to your job and neglecting to take proper care of yourself often leads to burnout. Essentially, burnout is defined as physical and mental collapse due to overworking. This can negatively impact your immune system, emotional health and overall outlook on life. To get your body back to normal, you can start by rejuvenating your regular lifestyle ...

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How to Improve the Health of Your Joints

Consider the following tips for taking care of your joints as you age.

Keeping your joints strong and healthy is a critical component to healthy aging. They're vital to mobility, which is essential to longevity and ultimate wellness. Unfortunately, there are a number of natural occurrences that could lead to weakening joints – age, weight and injury all play a role in how your body develops. Thankfully, however, there are many natural ways ...

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Key Takeaways from ’15 Health Secrets That Will Change Your Life’

Scott Laird, ND, took the time to share some of his favorite secrets, or what he sometimes likes to call “hacks,” that he truly believes can change your overall well-being for the better!

  They say the secret to life is finding what makes you happy and letting that lead you throughout your days. You know that happiness can’t be achieved if your overall health is in jeopardy, so perhaps the real secret to life is finding simple ways to naturally fuel your body for mental, physical and emotional wellness. This month’s webinar, “15 ...

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Survey Says Vaccinated Children Get Sicker

There’s a reason to question the government about vaccine efficacy.

In the past, we’ve discussed how harmful vaccines can be and why you should turn to God’s natural medicine – raw fruits and vegetables – in times of need and nurture. Potentially dangerous ingredients, such as aluminum, antibiotics, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and thimerosal, can be found in vaccines, which can trigger bad reactions and defeat the initial purpose of utilizing ...

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Fall in Love With These Seasonal Soups

Here are some of our favorite recipes to try while you’re wrapped up in a blanket on a crisp autumn night near the fireplace. You’ll surely “fall” in love with them.

Nothing says fall quite like a bowl of seasonal soup. Here are some of our favorite recipes to try while you're wrapped up in a blanket on a crisp autumn night near the fireplace. You'll surely "fall" in love with them: Raw Cream of Carrot-Sweet Potato SoupThe color, taste and seasonal selection of carrots and sweet potatoes scream fall. Try ...

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Natural Ways to Improve Your Skin

To improve the overall health of your skin, we suggest maintaining the following natural habits.

Our skin is the largest barrier to infection on our bodies. That means without proper care, you may be more prone to illness and disease. Prioritizing skin health protects your body from the viruses and bacteria it comes in contact with daily, but it also leads to a strong, smooth and attractive complexion. To improve the overall health of your ...

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Fiber-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

Add more of these high-fiber foods to your everyday diet.

Irritable bowel syndrome, a common disorder that impacts the large intestine, is prevalent in nearly 10 to 25 percent of the U.S. population, according to Health Union. This condition causes digestive issues, such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Those living with IBS can relieve such symptoms and manage the disorder by making smarter lifestyle choices, such as mitigating ...

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Does Chemotherapy Have a Dark Side?

Research by the Ohio State University found that a chemo drug used to prevent break cancer can also fuel the spread of lung disease.

Chemotherapy has been used as a treatment for cancer for nearly half a century, according to the American Cancer Society. While the chemical substance used in the treatment has been known to attack rapidly growing cancer cells, it also comes with a number of strong and common side effects, ranging from nausea and vomiting to hair loss, bone marrow changes and an impact ...

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