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The Dangers of Diets that Restrict Calories

Is the low-calorie diet worth it? We don’t think so. Here are a few of the many side effects that come with following a diet that restricts calories.

When it comes to losing weight, many people are drawn to the idea of counting calories and consuming as few as possible in a day. Severely restricting calories can indeed lead to weight loss, but it comes with an abundance of health-related drawbacks. A very low-calorie diet might as well be considered a regimen of starvation, and in the long-run, ...

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The Rise in Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Due to a number of health concerns such as hidden sugars and an increase in obesity, gestational diabetes is on the rise.

Conceiving a child and giving birth is one of God's greatest miracles. Starting a family is a major milestone and exciting time for many. However, as with any health-related event, pregnancy can come with questions and medical concerns. In recent years, a condition known as gestational diabetes, or GDM according to the American Diabetes Association, has increasingly made headlines. Today, ...

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Raw Nutty/Maple Pie Crust

Try creating this raw crust recipe for Thanksgiving this year.

The holiday season gives everyone a craving for something delicious and festive, but that doesn't mean you have to squash your healthy plant-based lifestyle! Try creating this raw crust recipe for Thanksgiving this year. Raw Nutty/Maple Pie CrustJust in time to celebrate the holidays, here's a delicious raw crust recipe by Rhonda Malkmus that you can use to create your ...

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Why Fad Diets are Harmful to Overall Health

While indeed, such fad diets have helped thousands of people lose excess weight and stubborn pounds, these regimens cut out key nutritional foods that you need for overall health and wellness.

Fad diets are characterized as popular eating-habit trends that promise immediate results. Beyond a quick fix, a fad diet typically promotes some type of "magic" combination of certain foods that excludes certain essential nutrients and encourages following other unnecessary rules to focus on changing your body chemistry and losing weight fast. While indeed, such fad diets have helped thousands of ...

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A Look at the Effectiveness of Cancer Drugs

A new study revealed that many new cancer drugs give no evidence of improving survival or quality of life.

Here at Hallelujah Acres, we hear story after story of people young and old beating the odds. Each and every day we experience firsthand just how powerful the Hallelujah Diet can be. From reversing diabetes and preventing heart disease to eliminating tumors and slowing disease, the Genesis 1:29 diet that God so intended for us to follow can bring out ...

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Our Favorite Holiday Treats

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away? Here are a few treats you can serve at the holiday party.

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away? It's time to start thinking about which delicious plant-based recipes you'll make for the holiday get-together! But before we talk about ideas for your main course, here are some of our favorite holiday treats: 1. Raw Christmas FudgeAfter serving this tasty treat to your guests, they'll be surprised to ...

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Raw Non-Dairy Whipped Cream

Try this raw, non-dairy whipped topping on your next dessert creation.

Whether you need help sprucing up a bowl of fresh fruit, or want to add a layer of sweet sensation to your favorite dessert, our raw, non-dairy whipped cream makes the perfect topping. Did we mention it's guilt free? Ingredients: 1 cup pine nuts or macadamia nuts – soaked overnight and drained 1 golden delicious apple – peeled and seeded ...

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Benefits of Eating Vegetables

But just how favorable are veggies when it comes to overall wellness? Here are the top five benefits of eating vegetables.

You could jeopardize your overall health if you don't pay attention to the foods you eat. Consuming too much junk food, for example, can lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and more. Making the decision to improve your lifestyle by following a primarily raw, plant-based diet is a health-conscious decision that ...

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Key Takeaways from ‘Probiotics 101: Exploring the Role of Probiotics in Overall Health’

During the live webinar, our presenter told his story and discussed how beneficial probiotics can be for the immune system, reasons to take a probiotic supplement daily and the best delivery systems for proper probiotic absorption.

When Scott Stobaugh found out his son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, he wasn't sure what to do. After hearing that probiotics could be the treatment needed to cope with this debilitating condition, Stobaugh's son decided to try this natural choice. Unfortunately, he went through dozens of supplements and saw little to no improvement. Then, a friend of Stobaugh's from ...

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How to Relieve Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Don’t ever feel the need to resort to prescription and over-the-counter drugs - especially while you’re pregnant - because there are a plenty natural ways to relieve and combat these common symptoms.

Giving birth is a truly beautiful blessing – bringing your new child into the world will unveil a feeling like no other. It may, however, be hard to shake the way you're feeling right now during your pregnancy, because you're likely dealing with some of the correlating symptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, constipation and headaches are all common during the ...

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