Headaches & Migraines

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Since then, she has improved weekly and now the child who couldn't leave the house for weeks at a time is horseback riding, playing soccer, riding her bike, sleeping at night, and praise the Lord, she is smiling again!

I am sorry that this has been such a long letter, but it is hard to be succinct when your life has been turned upside down and then right side up again. I think the hardest part, the part that still makes me cry, is remembering the times I sat by my daughter's bedside telling her that she would be OK. I will always remember the point where I became afraid that I was lying. I am so thankful, and I will always be thankful for the lifesaving knowledge that God has provided us with the miracle - we just have to follow His plan. Thanks to you and Rhonda for focusing your lives on sharing this message. We will always be grateful!

Submitted By: Jackie R.
I am a prime example of the body's self-healing abilities, and because I applied the teachings of Hallelujah Diet, I am neither dead nor a useless human being, Hallelujah!

I am now a total believer in Bible-based health and never advocate anything else unless it is for emergency purposes due to an accident. I have read every one of Dr. Malkmus' books and even been to Shelby, North Carolina in order attend one of Dr. Malkmus', 'God's Way to Ultimate Health', seminars.

I am a complete believer in the body's ability to heal itself of almost any physical problem when given the proper nutrition.

Submitted By: James Casale of Seattle, WA
I am one of Dr. Malkmus' true followers

I am one of Dr. Malkmus' true followers. Seven years ago I had my first acoustic neuroma [tumor] removed after going to 3 different doctors who told me I had sinus problems. 

Submitted By: Anonymous
I have been a subscriber for four years

I have been a subscriber for four years and share info from the Health Tips with others as well as encouraging other to sign up for it. I adopted The Hallelujah Diet� in September 2005 

Submitted By: A, B Murfreesboro
Since childhood, I have suffered with seasonal allergies

Since childhood, I have suffered with seasonal allergies, and it seemed with each passing year, the allergies became worse

Submitted By: Patricia F.

I have been a registered nurse for 5 years, and have been on the Hallelujah diet for almost 7 � years. Here are the significant health problems from which I have recovered from, since incorporating the Hallelujah Diet, migraine headaches, heel spurs, two ganglion cysts on my left knee, hypothyroidism, achy bones, swelling feet, chronic sinus problems, constipation, irregular and painful menstrual cycles and hypertension.

The night his first wife left him, 21 year-old Joshua G. was holed up in his bathroom, crying, unable to breathe, overcome by anxiety and stress, not caring if he lived or died. Suddenly, he heard a crack inside his head, perhaps his brain, he thought, and he collapsed to the floor. God was not ready to take Joshua home. In fact, God had a plan for Joshua, an unforgettable journey that would lead straight to Hallelujah Acres and renewed health, a new career, and a new chapter in life.