Hallelujah Diet Retail Store

If you’re fortunate enough to live near or visit beautiful Gastonia, North Carolina we’d love to have you visit the Hallelujah Diet Health and Wellness Store. It’s definitely not your average health food store!

As you enter, you will be met with the smells of dehydrating onion bread. That will get your hunger going. Next you will sample hot coffee from our exquisite grain based coffees. Hot tea and iced tea are also available for sample. As you wander around you will see the fresh sprouts growing from the Sprouter and the Distiller making another gallon of water.

You’ll meet our friendly, knowledgeable and highly-trained staff who can answer any questions you may have about a plant-based diet. They can also assist you with selecting just the right products and supplements to supercharge the Hallelujah Diet and reap the full benefits of your new healthy lifestyle.

Our retail store carries our full line of products— from the premium, bioactive supplements to hard to find vegan, gluten-free and nut-free packaged foods and cruelty free, organic health and beauty products. You’ll also find chef-quality juicers, blenders, dehydrators, sprouting supplies, and kitchen gadgets to make food preparation fun and easy.

And while you’re here don’t miss our samples of raw, organic barley grass juice, carrot juice, and beet juice. We also offer FREE ionized, alkaline Kangen water so bring your own container or purchase one of our BPA-free water bottles.

Our new smoothie, juice and coffee to order menu is a popular item. Imagine being able to order a truly healthy green smoothie with no ice, syrup or added junk! The freshly extracted juices can be ordered as well. Move over Starbucks!—a healthy frappe and latte are in town. You can even order freshly made banana ice cream that looks just like it came from Dairy Queen! The daily menu is tasty and you’ll be impressed with the flavors and the choices. We change the menu each month so feel free to come in and find even more delectable foods to fall in love with!

The fresh made deli items as well as hand-made dehydrated snacks will tempt your taste buds without ruining your health. Their succulent tastes range from sweet to salty to downright divine!

Have a seat at one of our comfortable tables near the wall-sized windows and enjoy your smoothie and salad. Experience the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere that clearly distinguishes our store from any other “health food store.”

Wondering what to make for dinner? Try one of our deli salads, sandwiches or monthly specials. You’ll likely find one of them to sample. Our retail store also features plant-based diet recipe books with thousands of delicious and healthy snacks, entrees, desserts, drinks and more. We even provide numerous free recipe cards that you can take, then grab their ingredients and whip up a tasty, nutritious meal for your family. Our self-help holistic health books and how-to DVDs are your at-home resources on the benefits and how-to’s for living the Hallelujah Diet.

Pick up one of our store’s monthly newsletters to see what our newest products are, features of highlighted products, monthly sale items and much more.

You will also find a calendar with times during the week where appliance demonstrations will be held. So, if you want to see a juicing demonstration or how to make almond milk with the Soyabella, find out which day and time they are.

Would you like personal instruction on all the benefits of the Hallelujah Diet System? Our one-hour In-Store Healthy Living Classes show you how to harness the amazing power of your self-healing body with simple diet and lifestyle changes, and how to maintain — and even regain — a level of health you may never have thought possible! If you need one-on-one counseling, you can make an appointment to see Ann Malkmus who will assist you in learning how to re-create your refrigerator, pantry and lifestyle to add more vibrancy to your health.

So please pay us a visit! The Hallelujah Diet Health and Wellness store is your one-of-a-kind, healthy living resource — you’ll find everything you need to start and maintain vibrant, plant-based living.

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