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Here's my latest progress report: In the first 34 days since starting the 60-Day Challenge to a Hallelujah Waistline, I have lost 34 pounds and 6 inches from around my belly. My wife Tresa has lost 16 pounds and three inches from her waist.

We walk two miles briskly each day and have been doing the FIT10 daily for two weeks.

Between the change in diet and the exercise, we look better, feel better, and now have tons of energy.

Your participants from Hilton Head Island are happy you started this program and we encourage you to keep up the good work.

Thanking you for your weekly Health Tips and words of encouragement.

But my husband has recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, so we have decided to go fully on the Hallelujah way of eating, and in just 2 weeks of being fully on the diet, my husband has lost some weight, while I have lost 7 pounds, my indigestion is almost gone, as are my aching joints.

Submitted By: Trevor & Lois of Bundaberg, Queensland Australia
Many people are being helped by our Hallelujah lifestyle.

Many people are being helped by our Hallelujah lifestyle. Today is sunny and bright. There's a dusting of snow on the ground. The old world looks beautiful! Must close for this time. We so appreciate you both, and wish you much joy and fulfillment. May God bless you both.

Submitted By: Dot
I can say that I feel better!

Anyway, I have been on The Hallelujah Diet with no wrong foods for 21 days, and though I cannot say that I feel great, I can say that I feel better! Both yesterday and today I walked in the park, over many hills, for over an hour, and this was after I had worked at my brother's house. Three days ago, after working at my brother's house, I still had the strength to go to the post office and then visit my nephew, something I had never had the energy to do. Before, I used to have to plan to do one thing a day - like working at my brother's house, or going to the post office, or visiting my nephew. Before the diet change, I was so weak I started having dark thoughts, knowing that I could no longer go on like this. But I am now regaining my strength, even though it is slow, it is sure! Tons of mucous are coming out of me and I still have a list of problems - about 20 of them - and I still get tired, but I am getting better!

Submitted By: Anonymous of Cape May, NJ
Blessings come with obedience to His loving commands.

Back in Genesis when God gave our diet and work program, He also said that we are to work 6 days and rest the seventh - one whole day of rest and communing with Him. That part of the plan is usually forgotten in our energy and health. It is a wonderful plan, but we must accept all of it - Diet, pure water, exercise in fresh air and sunshine, a good night's sleep and one whole day of resting in Him. Blessings come with obedience to His loving commands.

Submitted By: Judy A.
I am having so many wonderful testimonies from people who saw their health improve on The Hallelujah Diet.

The improvement in just one week on juices has been remarkable. I have started my seminars as I have an urgency in the spirit to begin to share this information you don't have to be sick with church leaders and the public. I have titled my seminars in Nigeria, after Rev. Malkmus' book, 'God's Way to Ultimate Health'. That book was my second bible when I was suffering with cancer, but now, because of The Hallelujah Diet, I am whole. God bless you. I am proud to be on your team.

Submitted By: Gloria Davies of Nigeria, Africa

I am back on the Hallelujah Diet in full force. I will no longer even eat salmon on an occasional basis!Thank you George and Hallelujah Acres for not wavering on your health message. Thank you for being a guiding light a midst the misleading voices. I have learned a valuable lesson.

Submitted By: Kay L.
within three months had completely quit shaking.

Well, I started the Hallelujah Diet, and within three months had completely quit shaking. Then I noticed the back pain was gone, as well as several other physical problems I had been complaining about. By August (less than five months after starting the Hallelujah Diet) I had lost thirty pounds. I thank God for letting me hear about this diet on the 700 Club, and I thank you for all your diligent work.

Submitted By: Anonymous
This is a great lifestyle and I appreciate all the help you have given me.

I am on the Hallelujah Diet and since making the diet change have seen a tumor on my neck that was paralyzing my vocal cord shrink so much that I have my voice back. Generally, I feel much better, have lost weight, and now have the energy to help my husband build our new home. My husband is also on the diet.

Submitted By: M.J. of Osoyoos, B.C., Canada
Keep up the great work that Hallelujah Diet is doing

George, I know that you and Rhonda have given great sacrifices for what the Lord has built in Shelby. My students, my church, my wife and I applaud your commitment. Without the Hallelujah Diet ministry, I would not be in the wonderful health that I am in right now. Thank you! Oh, one other thing. My wife was able to stop taking one of her blood pressure medications this past month. Now, that is because of a ministry with results!! Praise the Lord, and His work through Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Anonymous