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May the good Lord continue to bless this ministry. I know that this ministry will go places and believe and share Dr. Malkmus' vision of taking the message of 'You Don't Have To Be Sick' to all the world. Can I know please, how Doctor Malkmus can be available in the United Kingdom to spread the message of 'How to Eliminate Sickness.

Submitted By: Tolulope O. Dare
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

We noticed drastic improvements within a week of him taking the product every day. I would make him a smoothie every day before school then another as soon as he got home from school. If he didn't feel like a smoothie I would mix it in with yogurt, milk or anything I could get it into. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! Josh is doing much better at staying on task and sitting for longer periods of time. We don't know what we would do without Nutritional Essentials!!!

Submitted By: Anonymous
I now strive to be a spiritual leader for my family, and a Christian example for my children.

I continue to learn how to incorporate the principles of Christian living into all my relationships at home, at work, at church, and in community using Jesus Christ as my example.While experiencing the grandeur, majesty and awesome beauty of the High Sierra, I became convinced that the world around me had to have been created by a wonderful and loving Creator. At about the same time my college friends, who just happened to be Christian believers, invited me to join them in regular Bible study. As I delved into the Scriptures, I began to realize that the Creator and the God of the Bible were one in the same. Since that time, with my faith in Christ, my desire to serve Him has continued to grow

Submitted By: Health Minister Robert Dale of Pass, OR
Thank you for being such a strong, selfless crusader. If there is anything we can do to help promote your ministry, please let us know. A Grateful Understudy.

We gave our family members dehydrators and dehydrated fruit for Christmas. And we provide moral support to those who know they should change, but are shackled by years of bad information and bad habits. We remain grateful and humble, realizing that health is the essence of life, and life is a gift from God--a gift that should not be abused or unappreciated

Submitted By: Gary of North Carolina
Thanks for developing this program and sharing it with us. May God richly bless you and your ministry.

After only four weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 15 pounds and my hot flashes are almost non-existent. I feel wonderful and the funny part is I thought I would have all kinds of cravings for the fatty foods that were previously a part of my regular diet but I didn't!

Submitted By: Diana M. of Winnipeg, Canada

I told the doctors 'no', that I wasn't going to give them permission to do that! Rather, I went on The Hallelujah Diet, and today, five years after making the diet change and at the age of 84, I have no angina pain and no more cancer. I attribute my healing to God, and the healthy trinity of BarleyMax, Carrot Juice, and Fiber Cleanse.

Submitted By: Walter H. of Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada
I have purchased the ingredients for the Brain Power smoothies and both my kids have them every morning.

As for the supplements and products, I am thankful for the offerings in your catalog, because I know I can be sure that whatever I purchase from you has been approved appropriate for this lifestyle. Your recent month's magazine featured an article about kids with ADD. I thank you for that article because my daughter was diagnosed with ADD and a learning disability, six years ago. I have purchased the ingredients for the Brain Power smoothies and both my kids have them every morning.

Submitted By: Anonymous
The miracle in my life was when I started juicing, my good marriage turned into a fantastic marriage.

My wife and I get up at 5 A.M. and juice together and have a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing. We are closer and more in love than we have ever been. Thanks for your ministry.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I feel it will be very important for Nathan to follow the Hallelujah Acres plan when he starts eating.

I feel it will be very important for Nathan to follow the Hallelujah Acres plan when he starts eating. I felt badly about giving this testimony because when one improves their diet you expect all good testimonies, but I believe Nathan's healthy growth in the womb was because of God's grace and being able to nurture my body with living foods. Maybe this is why he has had none of the health problems Down Syndrome children are so disposed to. I hope when Nathan is five years old that I have an even better testimony to tell about him and his physical and mental development. Thank you for all the work you do to teach people about health.

Submitted By: Anonymous

The best two healing weeks of my life: I went to Anita and Tim's Lifestyle Center in North Carolina. I witnessed person after person heal in a matter of a week or so. Upon my return home, I started feeling so much better that everyone wanted to hear about my new lifestyle change. Tim and Anita are the most welcoming people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting so I plan to attend their lifestyle center again.

Delores T.