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The improvement in just one week on juices has been remarkable. I have started my seminars as I have an urgency in the spirit to begin to share this information you don't have to be sick with church leaders and the public. I have titled my seminars in Nigeria, after Rev. Malkmus' book, 'God's Way to Ultimate Health'. That book was my second bible when I was suffering with cancer, but now, because of The Hallelujah Diet, I am whole. God bless you. I am proud to be on your team.

Submitted By: Pastor Gloria Davies of Nigeria, Africa
I have been medication free for the entire 9-years

I have been medication free for the entire 9-years I have been on the Hallelujah Lifestyle. Before adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I was taking 3200 mgs of ibuprofen daily, and I knew all that poison was going to cause liver problems if I didn't stop its use. Then I heard your tape and made the choice to go cold turkey on The Hallelujah Diet on May 15, 1997. I had my tri-annual physical in January of this year, and my physician told me that she tried very hard to find something wrong, but couldn't, and that she would see me in a few years, and would expect the same results as she found this time. Just thought an update would be good.

Submitted By: Health Minister Bill Irwin

As for myself, I have more energy and no longer worry about the colon cancer my parents had. After seeing all that God has done in our lives, our parents have become very interested in The Hallelujah Diet. So, we bought my parents Rhonda's cookbook and my wife's parents a juicer, and began guiding them through the paces via phone.

Submitted By: Scott L.

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet in October 1999 my liver enzymes have dropped to 65 (almost normal), and all the associated pain is gone. My cholesterol is down to 178 and my blood pressure is almost normal without the aid of medication. I feel the Hallelujah Diet has saved my life and I am now a huge promoter of this lifestyle. I would like information on how to become a Health Minister so I can tell my part of the world.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Thank you for putting this program together in a very easy to understand and practical way.

The cleansing process has been more gentle than what I expected, but it has still been very powerful and profitable. I weighed myself today and in one week I've already lost 5 pounds. I hope to stick with this permanently, not only are the health benefits worth it, but spiritually I feel so much closer to God and His Spirit.

Submitted By: Lorene O.

Because of dad's influence, I began to change my diet and began juicing twice a day and running 3 - 4 miles a day. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for about a month now, and I am now trying to convince my husband to change his eating patterns as well. My husband is doing better, and I am so thankful to the Lord for your book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health,' where I am learning so much. I have never felt better! Thank you and God Bless you!

Submitted By: Julie Ann C.
I can walk, I can talk, and I can drive my car again.

How I wish I had known about this Hallelujah Diet years ago. If I had, I know that I would not have suffered that stroke I had in 2001. I have recovered from that stroke quite well though and the only symptom of the stroke that remains is some weakness on my left side. But I can walk, I can talk, and I can drive my car again. My husband is 66-years-old and is also on The Hallelujah Diet. We have been able to help quite a few others obtain better health after buying your books and getting them started on the diet.

Submitted By: May
It blew them away and they wanted to know her diet

A low score was 10,000 and a good score was 25 to 30,000. My wife tested 65,134. It blew them away and they wanted to know her diet, which she shared. I still eat a little bit of everything, plus carrot juice and Barley Max. I tested 48,815.

Submitted By: Dionne G.
He directed in my prenatal care--including a vegan diet--and wow, did He deliver!

Grace came into the world through a drug less home birth, bright-eyed, beautiful and big (9 lbs. 12 oz)--without a tear, scratch, or even bruise to her mom. I attribute this to asking the Lord specifically for a peaceful and safe delivery with no tearing, and being open to what He directed in my prenatal care--including a vegan diet--and wow, did He deliver!

Submitted By: Anonymous
I also feel better, am more vitalized, more energetic, and more enthusiastic about life than I have been in many years!

I originally had wanted to only do a 30-day fast because I was feeling run down and fatigued every day, which interfered with my personal relationships, my work, and my relationship with God. I am so glad that God led us to Hallelujah Diet, and that we did not return to our old ways after we began to feel better. Additionally, my wife and I have found that going the Hallelujah Way is saving us both time and money, and we are both very excited about the continued results we will be experiencing!

Submitted By: Dr. Brent Hunter