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I was therefore impressed that I needed to find out more about this cleansing. I started reading about other herbs and supplements. Then, somewhere in the midst of all this, friends I go to church with gave me the Hallelujah diet. The rest from there is history.

Submitted By: Judy H.
Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives.

Amberlee (our daughter) -- At 15, no one would expect that she would be experiencing many health problems, but we noticed several of her health problems had disappeared. She lost 41 pounds and found self-esteem and joy. acne and bleeding gums are gone, achy joints, knee lock ups, headaches, PMS and menstrual pain, dandruff, acid reflux are gone, and stretch marks have disappeared. and the constant cough she had for two years disappeared. Her legs also snapped and creaked as she walked up stairs, making us feel we needed to follow her with an oil can to lubricate her. Today, Amberlee, at age 18, is a beautiful, young, healthy, woman!

Submitted By: Anonymous

I am committed to being one of your '100 pounders,' a 100 lb. weight loss that is! I love to cook and now I'm enjoying creating living meals! Also, the beer I could not stay away from since 1979 is history along with the cigars!!! God bless all of you at HD! Jesus really has his hand on your ministry!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Since making this lifestyle change, we have had no sickness--not even a cold!

Our blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now low to normal--the best readings in ten years. At ages 68 and 63, we are excited about a new beginning as we continue to do what God has asked us to do--love Him, love each other, and nourish our bodies with the foods that God originally designed for us.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I didn't even consider any other treatment for my condition before considering The Hallelujah Diet.

I didn't even consider any other treatment for my condition before considering The Hallelujah Diet. The reason is that I listened to my mother. She is a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, and already had been for some time when I was diagnosed. I had seen her adopt The Hallelujah Diet to address some health issues, but I wasn't on board yet. After all, I was healthy; why would I need to change my diet? However, I always vowed that, if I needed to try the diet for health reasons, I would. Well, it didn't take long after life kicked me in the pants to realize that The Hallelujah Diet would be good for me too, not just for my mother.

Submitted By: Jolie A.
I plan on being off all insulin soon!

Then he recommended that I have my leg amputated below the knee, get a prosthesis, and get on with my life. I was not ready for that! Since making the diet change two months ago, I have lost 25 pounds, my ulcerated toe has nearly healed, and I am now down to only 5 units of insulin twice a day. I plan on being off all insulin soon!

Submitted By: Anonymous
The results have been wonderful!

Since making the diet change, I have lost 18-pounds; improved eye- sight; no more acid reflux; no more chronic headaches or sore feet; eyesight has improved; and I now have lots of energy.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

At the time, I didn't consider myself to have many health problems (quite delusional I might add), but I knew that if I didn't do this diet with Dave it wouldn't be successful, as I was the one preparing our family's meals. I did not want to loose my husband to disease and was willing to do anything to help him. With my Lord at my side I began to consume knowledge to understand how to do this thing, how to feed my family, how to renew my mind.

Submitted By: Anonymous

But most of the credit goes to a 5' 2 smiling angel from the rugged mountains of Norway, my beloved wife who persisted in trying to get me to change my diet. Who in your life is trying to convince you of a great truth about health? Do you listen? Or will your heart need to shake a little first.

Submitted By: Dr. Dan E. Chesnut, M.D
They are so closed minded that they make me angry!

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet I have recovered from night blindness, torn cartilage in right knee, pain in my feet, and have lost weight.

Submitted By: Anonymous