Ears, Nose & Throat

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I would like everyone to know this happiness. My mind remains clear and alert, while my heart shares positive emotions with everyone I meet. Yes, healing is possible, and I will add, our health is a responsibility that nobody else can take care of for us.

Submitted By: Micheline
I believe strongly in how the body functions and in what God put on this earth to sustain us.

Everything we put into the body either blesses it or destroys it. All disease (sickness) is a result of the choices man makes - either out of ignorance or lack of discipline. The God's of the Medical Profession, and Dairy and Beef Industries are brainwashing mankind, and sending them to an early grave. I love mankind and want to help them see a happier and healthier life!

Submitted By: Pamela Duene

We have had the pleasant surprise of his no longer snoring and are back sharing the same bedroom, while both are enjoying a pleasant night's sleep! Thank you for your ministry.

Submitted By: Ellen B.
Thank you Rev. Malkmus for your health ministry!

It may be a lot of work in the kitchen (I don't like kitchen work) for me but the results are extraordinary and a huge blessing to live life well and enjoy it with youthfulness rather than struggle through it with sickness. I, Judith have not been as devout on the diet as John but I am sure that once I ask for the prayers of all those reading this testimony that I will be blessed and graced from God with the determination and strength to proceed onward and lose the extra lbs. that needs to come off me. And, Yes, you guessed it, all of you are in our prayers to succeed and promote the Hallelujah way of life to give Glory To God In The Highest!

Submitted By: Judith & John R.

I have now been chemo-free for 19 months and feel great! I have lost 50 pounds and am finally (at age 43) enjoying buying and wearing neat, stylish clothing! My hubby lost 20 pounds, all his allergies are gone, and he stopped snoring! All I can say is Hallelujah!!!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Praise God and many thanks to Rev. Malkmus who obeyed God by writing that book and for what he is doing at the Hallelujah Diet.

I am proud of you and your wife and am praying for you that the world will hear this message of hope, especially church folks.

I have started a program in my state called "Gods Way To Ultimate Health" and have started to educate people that they do not have to be sick and the response has been encouraging. God bless you all.

Submitted By: Gloria Davies of Jos, Nigeria, West Africa
Thank you for providing all of the information and recipes on your website for free!

Up until that time, I had bought into the Standard American Diet (SAD) lie that I had been taught all of my life. When I applied what I learned from myhdiet.com my health improved. My reoccurring ear infections, fatigue and depression went away, and my vision improved!

Submitted By: Connie M. of Cantonement, FL.
Doctor was simply stunned by the big improvement

I offered carrot juice again and he gladly drank it. Now, he is drinking at least a quart a day. I get carrots from Canada at our local market. They are huge and lose in a 50 lb. bag. Anyway, he went to his doctor yesterday, who specializes in this particular problem and he was simply stunned by the big improvement in my husband's health, and he told him to keep doing what he is doing. My husband is now able to eat and continues to drink the carrot juice I make him. Isn't it interesting and sweet how God works?

Submitted By: Anonymous

I am 36 years old and my family said that since I wasn't really sick I didn't have any major illnesses, but I had annoying ailments: asthma, runny nose, back pain, and sensitive gums. Because of my diet, I don't have any of these symptoms. Well, thank you. You both look so good in person!

Submitted By: Daisy B.
We started Thomas on the Hallelujah Diet in December 1998, with great success!

P.S. Thomas is not the only one in the family who has been helped by this Hallelujah Diet. I have personally recovered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. My father's high blood pressure and diabetes are gone! My mother-in-law got rid of high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. Other grandchildren have been healed of chronic ear infections, sinus infections, and chronic asthmatic bronchitis. We are so grateful to George Malkmus for sharing this diet with the world.

Submitted By: Thomas P.