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Just 2-weeks before mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had been on the Internet and just happened to stumble upon The Hallelujah Diet. So, the same day mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (July 26, 2004) I put her on The Hallelujah Diet. Today (November 23, 2004), my mom's sharp pains have left, the fever in her breast is gone, the swelling is leaving, and you can see her nipple again! Praise God! She has also lost 30 pounds, and no longer has to take tums for acid reflux.

Submitted By: Kay

By October 2000 I noticed that a pre-cancerous lesion under my right eye, that had been there for many years was 90% gone, and today I can barely find it. By December 2000 the egg sized cyst on my back could not be found.

Submitted By: Carla Curry of Palm Bay, FL

My husband has more energy than ever before. We have all benefited greatly from your shared experiences and we appreciate it. Keep telling the truth about what God says about eating.

Submitted By: Anonymous

After ten years of being insulin dependent for diabetes I no longer needed insulin medicine! But the best news of all was that my doctor told me that I no longer had need to go on the kidney dialysis machine! Hallelujah! The Hallelujah Diet had saved my life and given me back my life!

Submitted By: Joan of Lady Lake, FL

I lost 70 pounds. This is all in one years' time. Allergies are all but gone. No more hemorrhoids. Praise God for that. Absolutely no acid reflux. No back pain.

Submitted By: Anonymous
In just five weeks (after starting the Hallelujah Diet) my weight has gone down to 188 pounds and I am full of energy.

About this time was when I got Dr. Walker's book (on raw vegetable juices) and suddenly started to get some hope that there was a better way -- to eat right and let my body heal itself!!! I tell you, overnight I became a vegetarian. Soon after I bought your book and it reinforced all my decisions. In just five weeks (after starting the Hallelujah Diet) my weight has gone down to 188 pounds and I am full of energy.

Submitted By: Anonymous
To my amazement, it worked!

To my amazement, it worked! Ten years ago, the doctors told me my body produced too much acid and I could do nothing about it but take an antacid. Surprise, surprise, they were wrong! I have been off TUMS ever since starting the Hallelujah Diet. Thanks for your help. I tell anyone who will listen about the diet and then let them watch your video.

Submitted By: Anonymous
But all of these complaints are now history! I'm a new man.

But all of these complaints are now history! I'm a new man. No more complaints of any kind--it is wonderful! I have not enough words of appreciation to express my gratitude to God and especially to you, George. Your books and tapes, together with your weekly Health Tips, are my best inspirations. But they are not only helping me, but many others. About 25 people have joined the Hallelujah Diet here, facing many different sicknesses, as bad as one person with three different types of cancer. Many of them have become new persons with the results that you already know. Your work is so exciting because it embraces the message of God from the beginning of the creation. It is truth, and truth always means victory, victory against the powers of evil.

Submitted By: Anonymous
My wife had severe asthma, but has not had an attack in over a month

She has been able to cut down on her breathing treatments, reduce her blood pressure medicine, as well as reduce her medicine for headaches and for reflux. She has also lost weight.

I too, have had a reduction in weight, and blood pressure, and am already off my cholesterol medicine.

Submitted By: Anonymous
My wife and I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for three months and I have already lost 48 pounds, while my wife has lost over 20 (she won't tell me exactly).

I get up easier and go to bed easier and my weekly migraines disappeared shortly after starting the Hallelujah Diet. Before the diet change my wife was passing blood from her bowels and now that is gone. She had been constipated for the last 20 years, but not anymore. May God richly bless you and thank you for getting the word out.

Submitted By: Anonymous