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At the time I started the Hallelujah Diet, I was suffering with pancreatitis problems, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and was a hundred pounds overweight. I was on injection insulin for my diabetes, as well as numerous medications for my other problems.

I've done the research myself and there are no nutritional 'holes' not being filled (based on current nutritional knowledge and dietary analysis). As an intelligent woman (God's wisdom, not my own) who deeply loves my kids, I've left nothing to chance.

Submitted By: Anonymous

You folks at Hallelujah Acres are truly servants of the Living God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And may God continue to bless you and your ministry!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Personally, I no longer have to take sinus medication, or even anything for my headaches, which I used to have almost daily.

Personally, I no longer have to take sinus medication, or even anything for my headaches, which I used to have almost daily. I now have lots of energy and want to thank you for getting this health message out. I also want to thank our wonderful friends who loaned us your books and tapes. I would love to be a Health Minister, but cannot look into that until my husband is well. (Editor's note: Rezulin, the drug Mr. Cottle was taking for his diabetes, was removed from the market this past week because of the many serious adverse side effects and deaths experienced by those taking this drug.)

Submitted By: Mr. Cottle
Within days he reported that he no longer suffered from constipation, he had a drastic increase in energy, his joints were no longer stiff, he slept soundly at night and would awaken refreshed and filled with energy.

By August 15, with the doctor's consent, he was taken off five of his six medications. By August 31,2002, he was taken off the final medication. Also, his time on the kidney dialysis has been decreased by 15 minutes. Ello tells me that he feels as well as he felt when he joined the military over 50 years ago. In less than 30 days, he was able to get off all his medication and return to state of wellness that he never imagined possible. He is telling anyone who will listen that "you don't have to be sick". I looking forward to bringing him to Health Minister Training in the Spring of 2003. Because of his testimony several people who take dialysis with him are now on the Hallelujah Diet. Now I know how it feels to say with confidence that you don't have to be sick. Hallelujah!

Submitted By: Janice Jackson of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
Dr. Malkmus, please know that you and your family and Hallelujah Diet are in my daily prayers!

When I first learned about The Hallelujah Diet, I had been praying for God to show me how to live a healthier lifestyle, and that is when my friend Rhonda introduced me to The Hallelujah Diet. I am journaling daily my experience on The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle and plan to write about it in the near future. I am very excited to be on this new and exciting lifestyle and I really appreciate all of Dr. Malkmus' efforts to help others in the Christian Community regain their health.

Submitted By: Francis C. of Granville, OH
My blood sugar levels are now even all the time.

The improvements I have seen in my health since changing my diet six years ago include improvement in my level of arthritic pain, my thinking is clearer and my energy level is better, nor do I get cancers in my mouth anymore. My weight is easier to maintain although it is sometimes a battle. My blood sugar levels are now even all the time.

Submitted By: L.N. of British Columbia, Canada

Praise the Lord! The Hallelujah Health Message is being well received, and many people are shouting 'Hallelujah' here in Nigeria, as they see their physical problems simply disappearing after simply changing what they eat, from the SND (Standard Nigerian Diet) to The Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Pat Ojemeni, RN of Abuja, Nigeria, Africa

After adopting The Hallelujah Diet, the change was miraculous and very rapid. One by one my health problems disappeared and my health was restored. Today, I feel better, more alive, and energetic than when I was in my 20's.

Submitted By: Cheryl of Brandon, VT
Well, it is the fourth day and wow, I feel great!

Well, it is the fourth day and wow, I feel great! My energy level has soared. I have no more symptoms of hypoglycemia, my psoriasis is disappearing, urinary incontinence is almost gone and I have lost 6 pounds so far. Thanks.

Submitted By: Anonymous