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We give all the glory to God!

We give all the glory to God! But I would like you to also know that I have witnessed some people die, even after adopting the Diet, if they had completed the orthodox treatments of chemotherapy and/or mastectomy before hearing about The Hallelujah Diet. At times I have gotten so discouraged that I thought I will not share the diet with those who previously received orthodox treatments for their cancers, but when I look at those that have got well from this same disease by this same diet, I made up my mind to give the same opportunity to all that are willing to hear.

Submitted By: Rebekah A of Africa
My blood pressure is now normal (108/70) without medications, and my headaches are gone.

Thanks to The Hallelujah Diet I no longer have sinus, colds, or flu problems. My blood pressure is now normal (108/70) without medications, and my headaches are gone. My thyroid is now working perfectly without medications, and my cholesterol has dropped from 258 to 196. I have no more diarrhea, constipation, or yeast infections. My knees are better than ever, and my back pain is completely gone. My hair is looking healthier, and my skin is so smooth and soft with no more dryness. My toenails are now normal for the first time in 35 years, and I have no more problems with pimple breakouts on my face or the back of my arms or shoulders. I no longer have urinary incontinence, retain water, or crave sugar, while my PMS and fatigue problems are gone. My stress level is very low, and things don't upset me like before.

Submitted By: Jimmy Jo

I have lost weight without even trying and my daughter is losing, keeping her glucose in normal range, sinus problems gone and feels more awake with energy.

Submitted By: Connie Maginnis
My daughter Christina has lost nearly thirty pounds! My mother-in-law Mary, who lives with us, is 78 years old, and with a little persuasion has also gone on the diet.

She had been diabetic for at least thirty years. Also, before the diet change, she had been taking heart medication for the past few years and the doctor said her heart was getting weaker. She had many infections that did not heal or healed very slowly, and had been in a wheelchair the past six months. After only a couple weeks on the Hallelujah Diet she has lost fifteen pounds and has been able to stop all medication, including her insulin. Her doctor was talking amputation due to an infection in her toe that would not heal. After a recent visit to her doctor, the doctor said it was a 'miracle!'--her foot is totally healed!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Since then, she has improved weekly and now the child who couldn't leave the house for weeks at a time is horseback riding, playing soccer, riding her bike, sleeping at night, and praise the Lord, she is smiling again!

I am sorry that this has been such a long letter, but it is hard to be succinct when your life has been turned upside down and then right side up again. I think the hardest part, the part that still makes me cry, is remembering the times I sat by my daughter's bedside telling her that she would be OK. I will always remember the point where I became afraid that I was lying. I am so thankful, and I will always be thankful for the lifesaving knowledge that God has provided us with the miracle - we just have to follow His plan. Thanks to you and Rhonda for focusing your lives on sharing this message. We will always be grateful!

Submitted By: Jackie R.
I have shared your books and video with others.

I admire your courage and the fact that you are helping so many people with your wonderful health message.

Submitted By: Anonymous
healthy we all are, how my cancer is gone, diabetes gone too, how much weight we've lost

And thank you too, Dr. Malkmus for your weekly Health Tips that show up in my E-mail box, even on the weeks I would have forgotten about reading them; for the experts that you have on your staff; and for the information from experts you share in your weekly Health Tips that have done the research to prove the finer points of The Hallelujah Lifestyle for the nay sayers. Thank you also for looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith to give you direction - and then boldly proclaiming what has to be an unwelcome message to many. I covet your prayers, so that in six months to a year, I can write again to tell you how healthy we all are, how my cancer is gone, diabetes gone too, how much weight we've lost, and how our outreach of sharing this health message is making a difference in our community. Nothing is too hard for our God!

Submitted By: Jeanne S.
Eating the Hallelujah way has totally changed my life!

Eating the Hallelujah way has totally changed my life! I ride my bicycle daily at least 10 miles, and have more energy than I have ever had. My birthday is in July, and I will be 49 years young!!! Fifty is looking better all the time. Thank you so much for your continued research and heart to all of us who are seeking a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father, and the desire to care for our temples as He has always intended for us to do. God bless you abundantly.

Submitted By: Jan R. of Florida
Since going on the 'Hallelujah Diet' I have lost 35 pounds.

Since going on the 'Hallelujah Diet' I have lost 35 pounds. My hypoglycemic symptoms are gone. I don't suffer from nighttime sleeplessness anymore. My hemorrhoids are gone. I no longer get sleepy in the afternoon, and my general overall feelings of sluggishness and mental fog are gone.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Well, I am happy to report that on Thursday I went on the Hallelujah Diet cold-turkey.

Well, it is the fourth day and wow, I feel great! My energy level has soared. I have no more symptoms of hypoglycemia, my psoriasis is disappearing, urinary incontinence is almost gone and I have lost 6 pounds so far. Thanks.

Submitted By: Anonymous