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My wife had severe asthma, but has not had an attack in over a month

She has been able to cut down on her breathing treatments, reduce her blood pressure medicine, as well as reduce her medicine for headaches and for reflux. She has also lost weight.

I too, have had a reduction in weight, and blood pressure, and am already off my cholesterol medicine.

Submitted By: Anonymous
In the 4-months since Thanksgiving 2004, on The Hallelujah Diet 100%, I have also lost 70 pounds!

My allergies are all but gone! I have no more hemorrhoids! No more back pain pain! I no longer need the CPAP machine to sleep and I no longer snore! (Before the diet change, I could wake the neighbors with my snoring.) I now rune 4-miles per day and work out with weights 3-days per week. I now have unbelievable energy! And my goal is to run a half marathon in December. I hope my testimony will be an encouragement to all. God bless you and your ministry!

Submitted By: Steve M.
Took the 21-day Hallelujah Challenge and did not die!

I have now lost a total of 35 pounds in 3-months, my blood pressure is down to 110/55, and at age 64, no longer take any medications. George, your seminars are great! May I encourage folks to try the diet for 21-days? I personally intend to continue with the diet and will write again in 21-years.

Submitted By: Jack of Sparta, TN
Dear George, I have been basically on The Hallelujah Diet for nearly 3 years,

Dear George, I have been basically on The Hallelujah Diet for nearly 3 years, and have been blessed with several benefits.

Submitted By: Joyce
We want to better equip ourselves.

We want to better equip ourselves to deliver a more effective message regarding the Hallelujah Lifestyle to relatives, friends, and others.

Submitted By: George and Faye F.
After only 3-months on the diet, my husband had lost 45 pounds; his blood pressure is now good; his cholesterol is getting better; his skin cancers have gone away; and the plantar wart on his foot is almost gone

Apparently those who need to lose weight will, and those who don't, won't on The Hallelujah Diet. I have lost 20 pounds and was headed for another 20 pound weight loss, but now there is a baby coming and suppose further weight loss will have to be put on hold. My constipation is clearing up, and I am watching a skin cancer on my face go away. My husband and I are both 43.

Submitted By: Lamilla of Huntsville, AL

When I tell people about what the diet has done for me they want to know more. I want to come to Health Ministry training so that I will be better able to help them.

Submitted By: Anonymous

As I've been losing weight, my skin has been shrinking along with it. I may not have any hanging skin at all, even after losing 200 pounds. That's the most amazing thing about eating a primarily raw diet. And there's plenty of documentation to prove it.

Submitted By: Clent

I have lost over 45 pounds and gone from a size 18 to a size 4. all of this weight was lost within the first year of adopting the Hallelujah Diet.) fms - gone! (officially declared clinically well in august 2004.)

Submitted By: Clarissa
I have also lost 21 pounds in eight weeks and have lots of energy.

I have also lost 21 pounds in eight weeks and have lots of energy. My high blood pressure is lower also. I walk 2 miles a day. My neighbors say they can see a big change for the better. Thank the Lord for this program.

Submitted By: Anonymous