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I have been a subscriber for about four years

I have been a subscriber for about four years, and yes, I do share information from the Health Tips with others. 

Submitted By: C. S. of Richland, WA

I have seen people with cancer, walk out of the hospital the day before they were scheduled for surgery, go on The Hallelujah Diet after reading your book, and they were found to be totally cancer free three months later. Thanks for everything you do for those what will listen! I too would like to see the series on 'How to Stop Cheating' put into booklet form.

Submitted By: Andy M.

I thank God for you and your ministry! I wish my wife and son would do as I have, but I can only show by example. I have endured a lot of criticism over this lifestyle change, but I am determined to stick with it. It would be so wonderful if someone would come to my church and share this program. I have witnessed to a lot of people and do have a couple starting to juice. At least it's something. Thank you again!

Submitted By: Anonymous of Independence, MO

Since changing his diet and lifestyle to include Hallelujah food and exercise, he reports, I have more energy, more pep in my step. He has lost about 15 pounds and has noticed improvements in his bowel movements as well. He says if he strays from the diet for more than 2 or 3 days he notices a difference in how he feels.

Submitted By: Mackie & Gallena A. of Shelby, NC
He is off his cholesterol medicine and he too has lost 25 pounds.

Also, my irritable bowel syndrome has been corrected. My husband has also benefited much! He is off his cholesterol medicine and he too has lost 25 pounds. I am 68 years old and my husband is 76, and we are singing Hallelujah! I would like to take the Health Ministers training course. Please send information. Thank you for doing what the Lord led you to do--saving lives.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I am now starting to feel very good, and I can feel my body healing itself.

Thanks again. Some of the ladies at work can see how good I am beginning to look and are asking me for the Hallelujah Diet web address, which I have given to them. God bless you both, and keep up the good work. We cannot get all the things that you have in America, but I have at last found a good juicer and blender.

Submitted By: Avril D.
I feel wonderful thanks to the Hallelujah Diet, God's nutritional plan.

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet I no longer have to take any insulin for my diabetes, I am down from five high blood pressure pills a day to just one, and my cholesterol pill has been cut in half. All the other medications I was on when I started the Hallelujah Diet are no longer needed.This is just a brief outline, as there is so much more the diet has done for me.

Submitted By: Anonymous
It is vitally important to me that Christ be the center of my life, my home and my family.

I believe our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit according to Scripture, and that we represent His body. I do not believe that disease is normal, nor inevitable, or something we should fear or just live with. I believe we should maintain our bodies in such a way as to be 'Fit for the Master's use!'

Submitted By: Malinda, Davis of Lebanon, OR
Praise the Lord, he is worthy to be praised.

I am an eighteen-year-old senior attending Tech High School in Delaware. Last year I learned of the Hallelujah Diet through my technical teacher.

Submitted By: Barbara M.

We are grateful to God to be alive and to know the truth that has set us free from physical problems so that we in turn can share the Hallelujah healing journey with others. We pray for you and Hallelujah Diet to be protected by God as we see the world attacked by the enemy, however, greater is He (God) who is in us than he who is in the world, amen.

Submitted By: Linda C.