Arthritis & Joint Pain

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No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet four months ago, I have experienced the following improvements in my health: chronic fatigue gone! edema gone! arthritis gone! restless leg syndrome gone! lipomas shrinking! Improved regularity! improved sleep! cholesterol down 52 points and now off cholesterol medication! bad breath gone! Body odor gone! more mental clarity and now have a positive outlook! skin rash cleared up! now have softer skin and nicer hair! black under-eye circles gone! Flexibility improved, and no longer experience soreness after exercise! no more compulsive over-eating, and am losing weight! No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Submitted By: Anonymous

I am committed to being one of your '100 pounders,' a 100 lb. weight loss that is! I love to cook and now I'm enjoying creating living meals! Also, the beer I could not stay away from since 1979 is history along with the cigars!!! God bless all of you at HD! Jesus really has his hand on your ministry!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Within 21 days after going on the Hallelujah Diet, she was completely free from pain and feeling great--riding her bicycle up to 12 miles per day.

I was getting arthritis in my right shoulder. Within 21 days on the Diet, the arthritis disappeared and I have never felt better. I lost 20 pounds and leveled at my best weight. I doubled my exercise program within six weeks after going on the diet. My morning exercise now consists of 75 push- ups, 75 sit-ups, 75 curls with two 15-lb barbells, one hour on the Nordic Track Ski Machine, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and a swim in the pool. I can walk four miles in less than an hour. By the way, I am similar in age to you at 67 years. Hallelujah!

Submitted By: Lill
After personally experiencing The Hallelujah Diet, I am confident I could fulfill this life- long dream.

Within just two short months after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my husband Joe had lost 25 pounds, while I had lost 15 pounds. I am now off all medications, have more energy than I know what to do with, and all of my above ailments have disappeared! Believe me, I have become a believer! The number one reason I am interested in becoming a Back to the Garden
Health Minister is because I have always had a desire to minister to people.

Submitted By: Alveta R.
This diet works!

Because of your life and testimony multitudes of God's people have been restored to health. I could type for days and not run out of things to share regarding the results I have personally experienced and seen others experience as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Anonymous

In January 2004 my husband Tim was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and the oncologist wanted to immediately start him on mega doses of chemotherapy and then do a bone marrow transplant. Tim told the oncologist that he would have to think about it before giving permission to use those medical treatments.

I learned about Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet

I learned about Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet when someone shared with me a copy of Back to the Garden. I want to come to Health Minister Training

Submitted By: Ruby
I came to Hallelujah Acres in Rogersville

I came to Hallelujah Acres in Rogersville and started taking dehydrated barley juice powder and carrot juice (in June 1993)

Submitted By: Anonymous

I was sent to a Heart Specialist (also a very Godly Doctor) who took one look at the CAT scan and gave me the worst possible news. I would need a very serious and complicated surgery and it would be life threatening. He said he was afraid of what he would find, and whether he would be able to remove this tumor because of my heart and aorta. He told me it was highly likely to be cancer and he did not know how much damage the cancer might have done already.

I went home and prayed. The next week I went to Church and asked to be anointed and prayed over by my Elders. Many Saints began praying for me. I began eating mounds of fresh vegetables, increased my Barley Green, and increased my carrot juice to several fresh glasses a day. God allowed me to continue on this diet for two months before I had surgery.

When the time came for my surgery, all my family and friends were there. They were praying and weeping and very afraid.

Praise God, when the Doctor went into my lung the tumor was gone. All that remained was an enlarged lymph node which he removed completely. My Doctor was amazed and began praising God for this miracle.

God's ways are true! If we are obedient and listen to Him, He is the great physician!!!

Submitted By: Linda M.

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives.

Submitted By: Anonymous