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Raw Non-Dairy Blueberry “Yogurt”

Raw Non-Dairy Blueberry “Yogurt”

Super simple, tastes even better than traditional yogurt – and its custard-like consistency is incredibly smooth and creamy! And no, it doesn’t have the bacterial culture of dairy yogurt. However, you can give it more live friendly bacteria than has ever been offered in the real thing by simply opening a probiotic capsule and adding its contents. This will give it a higher count of live friendly bacteria than any dairy yogurt on the market. It is exciting to realize this is made with raw and highly nutrient-dense ingredients. It’s high in protein, good fat and antioxidants and is a phyto-nutrient powerhouse. And to think it comes without all the negatives of dairy and without sugar in many of the yogurts on the grocery store shelf. We made this avocado-based, dairyless yogurt with blueberries, but you can make it using strawberries, raspberries, or any other fruit, too!

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