Lose Weight Deliciously Recipe Book


Are you ready to lose weight without giving up the foods you love? We've created 35 slim-down recipes bursting with flavor & nutrition so you can sip a cool drink, snack on a sweet dessert or indulge in a juicy meal – and still lose weight deliciously!

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Yes, it’s possible to treat yourself to an explosion of satisfying flavors every day, for any mood, for every meal. And you can savor each mouthful while bathing your body with abundance of nutrients necessary to reach your goal weight – forever.

This is the cornerstone of the Hallelujah Diet. We believe that you should never sacrifice the pleasure of eating to live a healthy, vibrant life.

Try it to believe it. See the weight loss, see the radiant skin, see the ailments disappear. Feel the energy, feel the newfound strength, feel the head-to-toe well-being.

Start with this book filled with 35 slim-down recipes that are delectable, no-hassle, and 100% gluten-free recipes. You will be delighted to learn you can lose weight and feel healthy without forgoing your favorite flavors!


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